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Fleet Excellence Training | AidEx 2020 

After successful editions of the Fleet Excellence Training at AidEx since 2013, this year we are partnering with AidEx again this year, to provide a Fleet Management Training programme to improve fleet operations and humanitarian logistics in aid agencies.

The AidEx- Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Training Programme, being held in Brussels on November 16-19, will have a direct impact on staff members in aid-and development organisations that are operating a vehicle fleet. Participants will have the opportunity to reduce costs, increase safety, and reduce their environmental footprint. By transferring practical knowledge and skills, organisations also increase the professionalism of their fleet operations.

Over the past few years Fleet Forum has developed practical, hands-on training that increase the knowledge and skills of field staff in the area of fleet management, fleet safety, and clean fleets. The workshops are specifically designed for the aid /development sector and aim to make fleet operations more cost efficient, to increase staff safety, and to reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations.

Although practical in operation, the training also provides opportunities for participants to work on more strategic topics in this area, such as strategy development, managerial action planning, and risk assessments.

During this week you will: 

  • Learn how safe, effective fleet management impacts both safety and efficient operation. 

  • Learn about the relation between fleet management and the performance of your organisation. 

  • Develop fleet management approaches that will increase the effectiveness of the organisation. 

  • Learn how clean fleet management can yield lower operational costs through fuel savings, while reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Learn how to extend vehicle life through improved maintenance, cleaner fuel use and driver engagement 

  • Review initiatives that your organisation can put in place for improved fleet safety, effectiveness and environmental impact. 

Target audience 

The target audience for this event are senior and middle managers from aid and development organisations, responsible for vehicle fleet operations and who wish to improve their level of knowledge and skills to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, safety and environmental performance of their organisation. 

Registering for the AidEx-Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Training Programme 

For the complete training schedule, please download the full information pack. You can register for the AidEx-Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Programme by filling out the online application form, which you can find on the AidEx website.

All applications must be submitted at the latest by July 6.
After reviewing your application, we will inform you at the latest by 24 July 2020 whether you are accepted as a participant. 


Only fully completed forms will be taken into consideration. 

For any questions or additional information please send an email