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Road Safety Assessment Methodology

For many of Fleet Forums’ member organisations safety of staff and the principle of ‘do no harm’ to host communities and beneficiaries is the most important value. Safeguarding this value means that road safety needs to be addressed at the highest level in the organisation, at the most senior level. Leadership needs to be demonstrated by organisations by no longer accepting that road crash fatalities are part and parcel of the operating environment, and instead actively working towards a positive safety culture. A culture in which the risk of being a road crash victim is mitigated and in which learning takes place to avoid crashes in the future, supported by a robust road safety management framework.


A starting point for achieving such organisational road safety culture is that your organisation knows what your current safety status is. Which elements of the management framework are in place and what gaps do exist. To support your organisation with that, Fleet Forum is offering a basic road safety assessment to get insight in the road safety status, exclusively to its humanitarian member organisations.


Our methodology:

  • A Fleet Forum consultant will conduct the one-day assessment at HQ level.

  • The assessment consists of:  

    • Interviews with staff members who have an influence over road safety such as (but not limited to) Executive Director (or equivalent), members of board or Directors in the following areas: HR, Occupational Health, Safety, Safety and Security, Operations, Supply Chain, Logistics, Fleet Management, etc.  

    • Desk research of road safety related documents such as: risk assessments, occupational health and safety policy, duty of care policy, audit reports, incident and crash reports, etc.  

  • The outcome of the assessment will be a current status report, including areas for improvement.  

  • The assessment will take place at Head Quarters level.  

  • At the end of the assessment day, the Fleet Forum consultant will share the first findings with the senior leader. A senior leader can be Executive Director (or equivalent), member of the board / director in the following areas: HR, Occupational Health and Safety, Safety and Security, Operations, Logistics.  

  • A feedback session, in which the full findings and recommendations will be shared, will be done virtually.  

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