Bas Janssen | Advisor to the Board
Bas worked for 27 years at TNT /Fedex in different functions. Besides being Chairman of the board for Fleet Forum he was until recently chairman of the Supervisory Board of North Star Alliance  and is now  the Board’s Strategic Advisor. 
North Star's mission is to provide quality healthcare to mobile workers and the communities they interact with in Subsaharan countries. Bas holds a MBA with a thesis on future developments and similarities in objectives and cooperation between the corporate world and NGOs‎. He is International Networks Director at Geopost-DPD‎.
5 years from now, where do you see Fleet Forum or where do you want Fleet Forum to be? 

It is anticipated that the conditions on the roads for all those who are confronted with road traffic either as drivers, passengers or people living or working near roads (and often make a living from people driving on those roads) or that have to cross roads will further detoriate…

This is not an acceptable prospect!

Therefore Fleet Forum continues to drive professionalism, change and improvement in the areas of Safer driving as well as reducing health and climate related dangers from pollution in short Cleaner driving.

In order to achieve this Fleet Forum wants to increase it’s measurable impact over the coming 5 years.

Five years from now Fleet Forum will have grown into an organization with at least 45 members in the Aid and Development sector and .. members from the corporate sector playing an active role in Fleet Forums activities.

There will be an active exchange in value added on all fleet management related activities both from an operational and human resources point of view. These will be driven through Fleet Forums:

  • leadership in the sector,

  • solution and tools used and implemented

  • convening activities where value exchange and extension is facilitated


Fleet Forum facilitates all of the above and will be the platform and network needed to further improve road safety and reduce negative road environmental burden resulting in reduced emotional and Economical impact from accidents and fatalities


The applied professionalism in these area’s will additionally result in reduced cost involved in operating fleets.