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Commercial Fleet Excellence Training


Update! In response to Coronavirus, Fleet Forum has launched Virtual Fleet Management Training and postponed all in-country trainings.  Click here for more information.



You can register for the programme by filling out the learning agreement, which you can find here.

About Fleet Forum 

Fleet Forum is a small non-profit member association committed to improving standards of practice for fleet management operations in developing countries. We facilitate in-country trainings and consult on the fleet management strategy of organisations which want to professionalise their fleet management. 


About Fleet Excellence Training 

Over the past few years, Fleet Forum has developed practical, hands-on trainings that increase the knowledge and skills of staff in the area of fleet management, fleet safety, and clean fleets. The workshops aim to make fleet operations more effective, more cost efficient, safer and with lower environmental impact. Although practical in operation, the trainings also provide opportunities for participants to work on more strategic topics, such as strategy development and managerial action plans. 


More than 300 professionals have participated in this training since 2013.
When surveyed:

  • All participants reported an improvement in one or more of these four areas: accidents, environmental impact, cost reduction and fleet effectiveness;

  • More than 50% of training participants reported improvements in all four areas;

  • 95% of participants reported a reduction in fleet operating costs (maintenance, fuel and rental costs). Most training participants experienced at least a 5% cost reduction in fuel;

  • 100% of the participants reported an improvement in fleet effectiveness. Better performance came from reduced downtime of vehicles due to maintenance and repair, fewer last-minute requests or a better vehicle request procedure;

  • 89% of managers noticed improvement in fleet management knowledge and skills.


Programme Overview

The training will assist participants to improve the efficiency and safety of their fleets. It will also teach how to make better use of fleet management systems and data. Before the workshop, participants will complete several e-learning modules. Target audiences are senior and middle managers who are responsible for some or all aspects of vehicle fleet operations and who wish to build on their knowledge and skills. 


The programme provides:

  • Access to fleet management e-learning modules which will help participants learn the basics at their own pace before the workshop;

  • 2-day in-country workshop which will include fleet management and fleet safety management;

  • Guidance to create a personal implementation plan to improve fleet management within your company;

  • Follow-up to assist you in the implementation of your personal fleet management plan over the course of 6 months.

Learning objectives

  1. Improve your ability to oversee fleet operations and make informed decisions on key fleet management issues;

  2. Deepen your understanding of vehicle fleet planning;

  3. Improve your ability to operate and manage fleet operations;

  4. Develop the ability to analyse data, and prepare fleet management reports.

E-Modules and workshop

Prior to the training, participants must complete a series of e-learning modules, allowing them to learn the basics at their own pace before the training:


  • Introduction to Fleet Management

  • Journey Management 

  • Driver Management

  • Vehicle Management

  • Fleet Safety

  • Fuel Management and Monitoring 

  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair 


The 2-day in-person training then builds on the theory and concepts from the Fleet Excellence e-learning modules. It also provides the participants with an opportunity to practice their soft skills which are needed to be a good fleet manager. Throughout the workshop, participants develop their personal implementation plan, which will be implemented in their own organisation after the workshop. The plan is based on the objectives they formulated in their learning agreement and the topics they learned during the training.  After the workshop, Fleet Forum will monitor the progress that you make with implementing your plan and provide feedback. 


You can register for the programme by filling out the learning agreement, which you can find here.


The costs for participating in the programme are USD $300 per person. Upon registration you will receive an invoice. Please refer to the invoice for the payment terms. Expenses for travel to and from the workshop location and stay (hotel, lunch, dinner, personal expenses etc.) need to be incurred by the participant or their company. Fleet Forum member organisations will receive a 10% discounton their invoice. Is your organisation a Fleet Forum member? Click here for the list of member organisations.


Fleet Forum does not discriminate based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation. We welcome the participation of all staff members who meet the functional criteria. 


For more information, please contact Evelien van Rhijn:

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