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Driver Recognition Programme


2020 Virtual Finals 

At Fleet Forum, we acknowledge the corresponding organisation who understands the critical role their drivers play in delivery of aid and development and take the time to show appreciation for their drivers. The programme was launched in 2015 with funding from the FIA Foundation and UPS Foundation. Since then, the programme has been run annually in East Africa. In 2018, the programme expanded to South East Asia. 

2020 is a special year for the Driver Recognition Programme (DRP) as it marks the 5th anniversary of the competition. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was even more pressure on the drivers, to keep themselves and passengers safe and for managers to engage their drivers with less/no physical interaction. 


Despite Covid-19, organisations remained committed to recognising their drivers. Therefore Fleet Forum, with the help of UPS, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings and Terramar Networks, are launching the first ever virtual final

To compete in the finals, the organisations have to complete 3 challenges before December 11, with focus on road safety, data-driven performance recognition and leaderships: 

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WHO, ACF and IOM Recognised in 2020 Driving Championship

The top 10 humanitarian drivers in East and Southern Africa were celebrated on December 17 in the first ever Virtual Driver Recognition Programme Finals Ceremony. 


For the fifth consecutive year, Fleet Forum facilitated the Driver Recognition Programme in East and Southern Africa. Fleet Forum set up this programme in 2015 to acknowledge the critical role that drivers play in the delivery of aid and development. 

The Award Ceremony was a spectacular success, as over 80 attendees, including former participating Drivers, Country Directors and Global Fleet Managers from several countries were in attendance. The ceremony was also attended by organisations who have never participated in the event, potentially fostering interest to participate in 2021.  


Joe Ruiz, Vice President of Social Impact and The UPS Foundation, Title Sponsor of the Driver Recognition Programme, recognised all drivers who have been navigating through the many challenges of the pandemic and commended them for their commitment, dedication and engagement in this 5th Edition of the Driver Recognition Programme. 


2020 Key Winners include:


Safe Driving Challenge

  • 1st place: Ronald Mwanje, WHO Uganda

  • 2nd place: Siliman Omar, Action Against Hunger South Sudan

  • 3rd place: Peter Mbai, IOM Kenya


Data Wizard Challenge: Ahmed Saidam, Unicef Tanzania


Leadership Challenge: Kim Koch, Save the Children Malawi



From +500 to Top 10 

564 drivers from 14 countries and 10 organisations signed up at the start of the 2020 edition. Between April and October, Fleet Forum worked very closely with the fleet managers to guide the drivers through the path to the Driving Champions Final. 

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In October, the finalists of each organisation were announced. From announcing the winner at staff meetings to taking team pictures while social distancing, managers found creative ways to recognise their drivers.


WHO wins Safe Driving Challenge 

Between November – December 11, the top 10 finalists used Driver’s Seat (road safety application also funded by UPS) as the mechanism to monitor safe driving behaviour (speeding, fatigue and mobile usage). We called this the Safe Driving Challenge.


Ronald Mwanje from World Health Organization (WHO) Uganda had very low speeding events per kilometre (0.005) and was therefore titled the 2020 Driver Champion. Having driven approximately 2,500 kilometres, this was very impressive! Ronald was recognized by his management, N’djah Assali, Programme & Administrative Officer from the AFRO regional office of WHO and Esayas Ande, Operations Officer, WHO Uganda. 


The 2nd place went to Siliman Omer from Action Against Hunger (AAH) in South Sudan and the 3rd place went to Peter Mbai from IOM Kenya. 


With the support of sponsor Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings, the top 10 finalists and their managers will get free access to TGS’ Driving Competencies Essentials online training. They also provided group access to the top 3 winners of the Safe Driving Challenge. 


The top 10 finalists also received certificates from UPS and Fleet Forum, which were handed over to their managers during the ceremony. 

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Data Wizard Challenge: Introduced by TerraMar Networks 

Fleet managers play an important role in advocating and designing interventions that can help your organisation achieve its objectives. With the Data Wizard Challenge, Fleet Forum and TerraMar Networks aimed t to inspire all fleet managers to understand how they can establish a recognition scheme, that is not only meant to increase driver morale, but is also linked to their organisation’s objectives. 


Ahmad from UNICEF Tanzania won this challenge and graciously accepted his win.

He was congratulated for:

  • Doing his research and identifying indicators that are directly related to ROPANI’s objectives 

  • Carefully crafting monetary and non-monetary rewards

  • Putting together a detailed budget required to implement the programme


Save the Children Wins the Leadership Challenge

Drivers are the face of our organizations, yet their contribution is rarely recognised. As the captain of the ship, Country Director recognition and participation is most appreciated by the drivers. 


Malawi Country Director, Kim Koch prepared a beautiful message for her drivers. Her message was inspiring, and focused on the critical role drivers play in Save the Children. 



2021 Driver Recognition Programme 

The next edition of the programme will be launched in March 2021. All drivers encouraged their peers to get ready and sign up, as they experienced a wealth of benefits by participating.


Driver Siliman Omar from ACF South Sudan shared the following message:


“Like you said I had two speeding events, and that's what I am worried about, but I am still trying my best. And once again thank you and your team at large for launching this program though I doubt weather I will get to next level of this competition due to my 2 speeding events but I still appreciate everything about this program and really wanted to be part of it at all levels.  


But anyway when my performance pulls me out of the truck, I will still appreciate everything about this program as a driver. Why? First, I will begin by the certificate that you and your team gave to us. This is really important in terms of building our CV and hence it brings us closer to finding job opportunities. Second, the knowledge I acquired from you will guide me in has made me the best version of me. Thank you very much”

Interested in rewatching the full ceremony


These are the people and organisations who will compete in the finals.

You can already meet some of them on this page:

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