2021 Driver Recognition Programme Goes Global

Fleet Forum is pleased to announce the 6th Edition of the Driver Recognition Programme. For the very first time, registration is open to all humanitarian organisations AROUND THE WORLD.

About the Driver Recognition Programme 

The Driver Recognition Programme is an eco- and safe driving interagency humanitarian competition, that recognises the important role drivers play in the sustainability, health and safety objectives, of aid and development organisations. It also acknowledges the corresponding organisation who understands the critical role the drivers play in delivery of aid and development and takes the time to show their appreciation of their drivers.


At the heart of this programme is our desire to acknowledge the critical role that drivers play in the delivery of aid and development. 

We aim to bring together four elements:  

  1. supporting health, safety and sustainability objectives of aid and development organisations;

  2. activating leaders in organisations to appreciate their drivers; 

  3. encouraging organisations to use data to manage performance and recognition;

  4. bringing fun and collaboration into high pressure environments.

How does the programme work? 

The competition consists of the following:

  • Participating organisations nominate their drivers -- we encourage as many drivers to enter the first round as possible;

  • Qualifying rounds take place, in which driving skills and driver knowledge are tested;

  • The best drivers from each participating office will compete in the final round to be the best driver and win the annual Driver Award.


The 2021 edition will run between August. – December. 

Visual DRP Path 2021.jpg

Dates per round

  • Qualifiers: August 2 – August 25

  • Semi-finals: September 1 – October 15

  • Finals: November 1 – November 30 


The winners will be announced in Driving Champions Ceremony, which will take place in the first week of December 2021 (date still to be determined). 


Interested in learning more? 

Is this your first time participating in programme? Or have you participated in previous years and want to learn what is new? 


We are facilitating two information sessions this month. Click on the link to sign up:


You can also view all the necessary details, by downloading this Q&A

Registration deadline: Saturday August 7, 23.59 CEST

Kindly register by filling in the online registration form. For further queries, please send an email to Nathalie Rothschild, Project Manager of 2021 Driver Recognition Programme.