Train the Trainer | Fleet Excellence Programme

Over the years Fleet Forum has been active building fleet management knowledge and skills in staff members in aid and development organisations through the Fleet Forum Fleet Excellence Workshop. As the need for skilled and knowledgeable Fleet Manager is recognized by the sector and the demand for the Fleet Excellence Workshop is growing. Fleet Forum, with support of USAID, will launch the 2nd Fleet Excellence Train the Trainers.

The Fleet Excellence Train the Trainers Programme includes:

  • Access to fleet management e-learning modules, which will help participants to refresh their knowledge about Fleet Management.

  • Participation in a 3-day in-country Fleet Excellence Workshop which will include fleet management, fleet safety management and clean fleet strategy modules in order to observe the training from a trainer perspective.

  • Participation in a 2-day Fleet Excellence Train the Trainers Workshop.

  • Facilitation of a 3-day Fleet Excellence Workshop by the participant in his/her own organization with support of Fleet Forum.

The programme will be offered in Ethiopia in English in January 2018. The programme is open to former participants of the Fleet Excellence Training who are based in or near Ethiopia and have a passion for passing their fleet management knowledge and skills on to others, in and outside their organization.

Selection criteria

To select the Trainers Fleet Forum will apply the following criteria:

  • Participants have to submit an evaluation report of the action plan that was implemented after the Fleet Excellence Training.

  • Participants have to submit a roll-out plan for fleet management training within their own organisation at country and / or regional level. The plan must be endorsed by senior management.

Outcome of Train the Trainer

The expected outcome of this programme is the development of confident, competent Fleet Excellence Trainers with the skills to design and implement Fleet Excellence Workshops.

Expectation after Train the Trainer

After successful completion of the programme Fleet Forum expects the certified trainer to conduct minimum 2 Fleet Excellence Workshops per year in their own organisation at country and / or regional level.


Fleet Forum will support the Trainers with the administration, organisation and evaluation of the Fleet Excellence Workshop, while the trainer will be primarily responsible for training delivery and providing and receiving feedback from Fleet Forum.

Apply now

You can learn more about the programme by reading the 2018 programme information. Should you wish to register, please send an email to


c/o Perreard de Boccard SA

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