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Advanced Fleet Excellence Training

JULY 20 -24


For professionals who have completed the Basic Fleet Excellence Training

This training is a follow-up to the Basic Fleet Excellence Training so that humanitarian fleet managers may continue building they knowledge and skills in the areas of fleet management, fleet safety and the environmental impact of fleets and ultimately professionalize fleet management in their respective organszations.

Building on the foundation laid out in the Basic training, the Fleet Management Pro course is focused on fleet management emergency preparedness and KPI analysis.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  1. Apply Fleet Management thinking to the organisational strategy

  2. Manage individuals or teams through line or functional management

  3. Build, deploy, and sustain KPIs to improve organisational strategic or operational performance

  4. Guide organisations in the preparation, response and down-sizing of an emergency from a fleet management perspective

  5. Drive fleet management improvements within the organisation

  6. Build and maintain strong working relationships


Successful participants will receive a Certificate of Participation right after the training.

Please note spaces are limited. Registration does not guarantee a spot. We will review the registrations received and contact you via email.