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2024 membership information

In 2023, we worked together with Fleet Managers around the world:

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 Fleet Forum in bulletpoints:

  • Swiss, not-for-profit membership association;

  • Inspiring better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport around the world;

  • We are enablers;

  • We connect;

  • We bring together key players in the aid and development and commercial transport sectors;

  • We facilitate knowledge and experience sharing;

  • We develop programmes to realise better fleet management.

Meet our Community:

  • We share, learn and collaborate;

  • Mix of aid and development, commercial and supplier organisations who are involved in professionalising fleet management;

  • Based on giving and taking;

  • Network with fellow fleet managers in your country;

  • Pool resources and work on research and development projects together;

  • Share fleet management (knowledge) resources with each other.

See a full list of our members here

Member benefits to tap into:

Networking & Innovation Technologies

Technical Assistance

Fleet Management Capacity Building

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Driver Engagement & Recognition

  • Join the Driver Recognition Programme 

  • Driver’s Seat, the App and the School


  • Access to Basic Fleet Management System 

  • Crash reporting and analysis tool

Click on the image below to meet the Fleet Forum Team: 

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Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-29 om 11.06.11.png
Scherm­afbeelding 2024-05-29 om 11.06.39.png

2024 Membership Fee:

Membership with Fleet Forum is on an annual basis and will begin from January 1st.

It requires an annual payment based on the nature of your organisation.


Nature of organisation and fee

  • Humanitarian organisations: $ 3,500

  • Commercial organisations: $ 7,500


Ready to Sign Up?

Fill in the form at this link.


Do you need more Information?
Contact Paul Jansen at:


For a printable version of Fleet Forum’s membership services, please view our 2024 Membership Brochure

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