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Freedom and Accountability

Fleet Forum is a lean, global organisation, focused on exceeding the needs of our member organisations. To maximise our effectiveness, every team member, including the Executive Director, are contracted on a consultancy basis. 


The Board of Fleet Forum has identified a series of roles required within the core team to successfully meet the strategic objectives of the organisation. These roles include programme delivery, product development, communications, administration, finance, impact measurement and event organisation. 


In addition, Fleet Forum maintains a robust and flexible pool of freelancers around the world, allowing us to deliver off the shelf services, such as consultancy assignments and fleet management trainings.


Current Vacancies

We are actively searching for a Freelance Fleet Management Trainer to help us deliver our Fleet Excellence Training programme around the world.

Next to that, we are always looking to maintain a pool of talented Freelance Project Coordinators. Curious to know what it would entail?
Check out the role description at this link.

Fleet Forum Culture 

We strive to work together with the best and most passionate people who have a sense of responsibility to do the right thing to help Fleet Forum at every juncture. What makes our consultants different is:

  • We challenge existing assumptions, and suggest innovative approaches

  • We admit mistakes openly 

  • We accomplish a great deal of relevant work

  • We say what we think, even when it is uncomfortable

  • We thrive on minimal instruction 

  • We adapt our communication style to work with people around the world

  • We make time to help our colleagues

  • We like to work virtually


What Fleet Forum Offers 

  • Work on a contract / project basis . Payment is based on your consultancy day rate

  • An environment where people are focused on doing important work 

  • A lot of flexibility: work wherever you want, whenever you want 

  • A network: you will be working on transport matters with a wide range of people (different sectors, organisations and countries) 

Fleet Forum Trainer

Role Name: 
Reporting to:
Work Pattern: 

Role Purpose:

Expected Time Commitment:

Minimum commitment: 

Freelance Trainer

Fleet Forum Delivery Director


To build fleet management capacity within aid and development organisations and commercial fleet operators in low- and middle-income countries

Per training: 8 days (Pre-training 1 day, 5 days training (including travel), 3 post training (follow up)

12 months


Key Responsibilities

  • To be responsible for the delivery of fleet management training and workshops as pre-designed by Fleet Forum

  • Liaise with the Delivery Director to prepare for the training and to establish contact with the participants prior to the training

  • Ensure that Fleet Forum receives updates after each training highlighting overall impression, evaluation, critical issues or challenges

  • To contribute to the improvement, on the delivery, the content-side and new learning needs

  • Remotely guide training participants as per the post training activities

  • Identifying follow up opportunities for consultancy projects with participants’ organisations

Experience and Qualifications

  • Combined 5 years’ experience facilitating participatory trainings or workshops as well as coaching experience of individuals and groups;

  • A proven track record in project management, continuous improvement, performance management, data analysis, risk assessment and reduction;

  • To have a working proficiency in at a minimum 2 out of the following languages: English, French, Arabic;

  • Be proficient with video technology to be able to facilitate remote coaching post-training;

  • To be experienced in the use of Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Slack and Skype;

  • Work experience in the aid and development sector is an advantage.

Required Competencies

  • Self-reflection: actively seeks positive and negative feedback about their performance from a range of sources;

  • Developing others: Helps and encourages others to create their own learning strategies. Persists in declining to take ownership while supporting others to resolve issues and evaluate outcomes for themselves; 

  • Communicating information effectively: facilitates appropriate information flow to stakeholders.  Excellent level of verbal & written communication, including speaking, networking, presenting and writing;

  • Have developed your own style of training delivery where your objective is to wow people and to take them on a memorable learning experience;

  • Be confident to deliver training programmes to people you meet for the first time. This requires a strong presence, the ability to forge relationships effectively and the confidence to use a variety of learning techniques such as visuals, games, quizzes, role plays etc;

  • Contextual awareness: Observes or challenges the prevailing culture, values, norms and unspoken rules of groups when necessary to generate learning. Can articulate themes and patterns of behaviour for a group;

  • Is flexible, can deal with unexpected situations, feels comfortable to work in environments ‘off the beaten track’ and is not afraid to execute last-minute training preparations.

Does this sound like you? Send a copy of your CV to and tell us why Fleet Forum needs you.


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