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Success Stories | APM Terminals

APM Terminals operates a seaport terminal in Poti, Georgia, providing port management and terminal operations to shipping and port customers. They also provide a wide range of local inland transportation and cargo services, performing a central role in trade and logistics in the South Caucasus region. They frequently work with external truck drivers, who receive an indcution training before terminal access is granted.


Although truck drivers attended the induction programme, it did not lead to safer behaviour on APMs premises or a reduction of crashes and service disruptions and APM approached Fleet Forum to develop a road safety programme. The goal of this programme was to increase the safety awareness of the truck drivers, both while on the terminal premises, as well as when driving on the public roads in Georgia.

Increasing Safety Awareness for Truck Drivers


The programme ‘Increasing Safety Awareness for Truck Drivers’ was launched as part of the 2017 UN Global Security Week, and aimed to

  • raise awareness for road safety:

  • send a message to the trucking community: their health and safety are important to APM Terminals, and:

  • encourage truck drivers to take responsibility for their own safety. 

The road safety programme has currently trained 2.279 external truck drivers who had to counter the number of unsafe situations at APM Terminals premise and at the same time improve safe road behaviour on Georgian roads. This programme is a great example of how companies and drivers can work together to realise safer roads and to create a dual responsibility, which has led to improved circumstances in and around the Port of Poti.


Due to the efforts of all involved, APM Terminals Poti has been named the 2018 CSR Award winner for the Best Project in the Human Rights Category: Increasing Safety Awareness for Truck Drivers. The honour was presented at the Georgia Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award Ceremony in Tbilisi on February 23, 2018.  


“APM Terminals Poti is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for employees and contractors, as well as safe living environment for the population of Georgia,” said APM Terminals Poti, Managing Director Klaus Holm Laursen.


Organized by the UN Global Compact Network and the CSR Club of Georgia, the Corporate Social Responsibility Award Ceremony promotes and supports the development of corporate sustainability practices within the Republic of Georgia. This year, an independent jury evaluated 23 projects and named winners in three CSR categories: Human Rights; Environmental Protection and Successful Partnership for Sustainable Development.


Please click on this link to read the APM Terminals full press release. 


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