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The benefits of joining Fleet Forum as a Member:

Whether you work in the aid & development sector or commercial transport sector, we welcome you to play a role in improving road safety, environmental impact, fleet effectiveness and efficiency, in dialog and shared activities that will help save lives, save costs, improve effectiveness of your organisation, and will help save the planet.


Your Fleet Forum membership will yield positive results and numerous benefits such as:

  • Gain a complete insight into your fleet management performance in relation to other organisations across multiple sectors.

  • Receive access to a wide array of fleet management solutions and tools.

  • Social and business networking opportunities with humanitarian aid and development as well as commercial transport organisations.

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to voice via Fleet Forum your concerns about critical fleet management issues and exchange views with like-minded organisations.

  • Keep abreast of fleet management trends and practice-specific topics and be invited to participate in the development of common solutions.

  • Benefit from new solutions and tools, trainings and workshops for which Fleet Forum will attract funding.

For a printable version of Fleet Forum’s membership services, please view our Membership Benefits Brochure.

More benefits of being a Member: 

Two Tickets to Fleet Forum’s Annual Conference

For a printable version of Fleet Forum’s membership services, please view our Membership Benefits Brochure.

License to Fleet Forum’s Fleet Management System

More insight in costs and performance of your fleet will enable you to make the right decisions. Fleet Forum members will exclusively receive a license to a fleet management system that will help your organisation optimise fleet processes, improve its operations, reduce costs and save lives. This web based, intuitive system that even works on low bandwidth internet, was designed for the aid & development sector and is able to manage multiple fleets in dispersed locations.

E-Learning Packages 

Fleet Forum, in collaboration with UNHCR, has developed a series of fleet management e-learning modules for senior managers, transport managers and drivers. Members have access to all modules (in English and French) and you can host these on your own learning management system. You can read more about the e-learning modules at this link.

For a printable version of Fleet Forum’s membership services, please view our Membership Benefits Brochure.

Fleet Forum has developed a cycle of services -the Fleet Management Improvement Cycle- based on Plan-Do-Check-Act process. Fleet Forum offers a range of products and services for every step of the cycle, and is continuing to develop tools that support the improvement of fleet management, assisting members in their efforts to reach fleet excellence. Members are provided 10% discount on all products and services, including trainings, reward and recognition programs and consultancy services.

Funding for Product Development and Trainings

Fleet Forum presents its agenda for development of solutions and tools to donors and foundations in order to attract funding. Moreover Fleet Forum will attract funding for trainings and workshops to be delivered to members of Fleet Forum.

Access to an Online Database of Resources

Fleet Forum membership gives you full access to a growing range of online resources, from ready-to-use polices and procedures to publications and reporting tools.

Access to Member Platform

Members have access to the interactive platform. Members can start discussions and set up new discussion groups, they can share best practices and work together. The platform provides profiles of members with their expertise, specific interest discussion groups, libraries to share documents. Aside from the core membership services, members who actively implement or support fleet management improvements will have the possibility to promote themselves.

Usage of Fleet Forum Brand

Over the years Fleet Forum has come to be known as a respectable, structured organisation that addresses a serious issue in a relevant manner. Our increasing focus on fleet management standards and related services has enabled to us to establish a strong presence among aid and development and commercial transport organisations. Members can use the Fleet Forum brand to communicate their dedication to fleet excellence and raise the profile of their fleet activities.

Featured Article in Fleet Forum’s Newsletter

As a Fleet Forum member you will receive recognition of support in the form of a annual featured article in our monthly newsletter. Take the chance to show your organisation’s leadership in implementing fleet management standards.

Rights to Advertising Space in Fleet Forum’s Communication Vehicles

Fleet Forum membership secures your rights to advertising space on Fleet Forums website. This enables you to offer products & services that meet the needs of our members.

For a printable version of Fleet Forum’s membership services, please view our Membership Benefits Brochure.


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