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Training, Accessible to Everyone

Fleet Forum is committed to helping all organisations professionalise their fleet management. We recognise that local organisations have more limited budgets, which makes it challenging for staff to access training opportunities.

Fleet Forum, in partnership, wants to level the playing field by offering the same Fleet Management Fundamentals at a more affordable rate.


Who can access this? 

Staff of national or regional NGOs or community-based organisations with revenues of less than $1,000,000 USD. These staff members must also meet the functional criteria (having responsibility for transport in their operation). 


What are the costs? 

For regional NGOs, the cost of participating in the training is free - instead of 300 USD. 


Is there a limit to using the programme? 

A maximum of 3 participants per organisation can make use of this programme on an annual basis. Please note, funding is limited, and preference will be granted to those who have not already attended.


What are my responsibilities?

The same as those as any participants: make time and actively participate in the training and deliver benefits for your organisation, by implementing an action plan with assistance from Fleet Forum. 


Only complete applicants will be considered. We recommend applying at least three weeks before the scheduled training start date.

You will get feedback on your application within 3 days of submission. Reviews are done on a rolling basis.

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