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Fleet Forum Strategic Agenda

The Road Ahead

Effective, safe and reliable transport ensures a higher impact of organisations. 


It will support effective delivery of programs whilst reducing road traffic accidents, reduce environmental impact and reduce costs. Fleet Management is the system that realizes this effective, safe and reliable transport. Increasing time with beneficiaries or patients, increasing efficiency and delivery time of the goods or any other improvement related to a specific programme. 


Fleet Forums' goal is to have Fleet Management being recognised by organisations as a strategic enabler to support organisational objectives. 

Leaders of organisations who recognise fleet management as a strategic enabler, will create the environment and organisation that will realise improvements in fleet management in order to improve the effectiveness of their field operations. Fleet Forum has built its reputation over the years by servicing member organisations. We want to be a leading organisation that sets the standards for fleet management and who guides its members to the next level of fleet management. Engaging with leaders and senior managers of organisations to create the right organisation and working with fleet managers to actively design and implement the improvements. Using data and benchmarking to show demonstrated increase of effectiveness, reduction of road traffic crashes, environmental impact and fleet costs for its member organisations, whilst at the same time professionalise fleet management across the sector. 


As we pursue our goals, we will focus on approaches that we strongly believe are vita; to future viability, relevance and sustainability fleet management. 

  • We choose to work with members who actively want to improve and ultimately professionalise fleet management or contribute to the cause;

  • We choose to work with members who are willing to share and collaborate;

  • We strengthen our engagement with senior management from our member organizations to stay abreast of future needs and to shape our development agenda;

  • We believe that standards, benchmarking and certification lead to professionalization; 

  • We  will use data to prove demonstrated improvements 

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