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​We are working with our members, partners and funders to achieve this ambition. By 2028:

1. We will work with donors to improve the fleet management practices of those they fund
Funding can unlock change to how organisations manage their fleet, helping to improve environmental, social and financial ways of working. We will work with donors to set standards in fleet management and incentivise organisations that improve how they manage their fleet.


2. Support our members to develop fleet strategies that link to their organisational strategies
Managing the fleet effectively and sustainably helps organisations achieve their broader strategic goals. We will showcase good practice and support our members’ senior managers and fleet managers to develop robust fleet strategies.


3. Strengthen our insight and measurement to better understand the impact of our work
To make best use of our resources, we want to focus on the things that have the greatest impact. Through our Theory of Change, we’ve identified eight indicators that will show us what we’re achieving. Our annual benchmarking survey will identify good practice and measure progress within our member organisations.


4. Work in partnership to create greater value
We will partner with research organisations, industry groups, donors and businesses to achieve more and more quickly.


5. Work with more aid and development organisations, locally, regionally and globally
We want to support more aid and development organisations to improve the fleet management that underpins their vital work. We will identify opportunities to work with them globally, regionally and locally, through our annual conference, local hubs and online.


6. Develop our service offer to better meet the needs of the fleet management supplier sector
Suppliers of goods and services such as vehicles and technology underpin reliable, sustainable, professional fleet management. We will bring together suppliers and fleet operators to understand each other’s needs better and identify opportunities to collaborate for improvement.


7. Be a financially sustainable organisation
To ensure Fleet Forum continues to operate for the benefit of our members, we will introduce a new membership model. We will monitor our membership fee to continue offering value for money.

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