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Dedicated Training for Your Organisation 

Fleet Forum delivers virtual learning experiences that both engage participants and drive behaviour change. Our learning leads to results because we use innovative training methodologies and one-of-a-kind facilitators, in combination with sharp focus on action immediately after the training. 


Why dedicated training? 

Based on previous experiences with member organisations, we see that dedicated training is best when: 

  • You want to link the training to a strategic initiative of your organisation

  • A team of staff all need the same training but want to attend together at a more convenient time or language 

  • You want to combine training with building the fleet community in your organisation

  • You want to train a group of local implementing partners together with your staff so that they receive the same important message


How can we help?
We will discuss with you the purpose of the training, success criteria and desired outcomes. You may decide that you want our Fleet Management Fundamentals training, but only for your staff. Or, it may be that you would like us to adapt an existing training, or even create a whole new training for you, to meet the identified learning needs.  


What does it cost?
We will provide you with a detailed budget breaking down all the costs involved for your selected training, including the facilitation fee and materials.  

Fleet Forum members receive a 10% discount on dedicated trainings.


What languages do we speak? 
Our trainings are available in English and French. Due to the highly participatory, interactive nature of our training, we do not offer our training with simultaneous translation. 


What about follow-up support?
Training combined with frequent follow-up as well as other post-training methods will encourage your staff to sustainably apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to the implementation of their action plan. Through our OFDA-funded capacity building programme, we have fine-tuned our implementation approach based on the lessons learned from training 700 managers.







For more information, please contact our team at


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