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CRS Madagascar shows how to roll-out training in the right way

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Nirinarisoa Razanamparany, from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Madagascar is not only an enthusiastic Fleet Manager, but a true advocate for conducting training in the right way. Nirina recognised that it’s not enough to simply pay for driver training. Managers play an instrumental role in getting their staff enthusiastic about a training, defining expected improvements and facilitating an environment where they can apply what they have learnt.

Last April, she joined our online Fleet Fundamentals training. Currently she is implementing a fleet management improvement plan, which is part of the training and the last step before receiving her well-deserved Certificate of Achievement.

While completing the Fundamentals training, she purchased the TGS Driver Competency Essentials (online training) for her whole team of drivers in French.

In order to maximise the value of the training, she took a series of actions:

· Briefed her Drivers on the reasons for choosing this training and their role in achieving the cost efficiency and road safety objectives;

· Briefed Fleet Managers from their sub-offices and Heads of Offices and engaged them to participate in the kick-off of the training;

· She took the training together with her drivers. This helped her understand how to better support her team in the future and how to work together on different solutions for fleet management issues;

· After the self-paced lessons, Nirina, her drivers, all suboffices and fleet managers went out to their parking lots to apply what they learnt online and to reflect together on actions to be take.

TGS supports Nirina’s approach

After completing the training, a Q&A session was organised with TGS. This session is an opportunity to discuss and review specific topics, such as: the importance of the thermostat, why you should use cooling liquid and not water, the cruciality of choosing the right tires and having the right tyre pressure, the daily inspection, fuel quality and filtration, the snorkel’s role, and so much more!

Jean Philippe, TGS trainer said: “CRS Madagascar has a large team with several sub offices participating in the training. It has been a real pleasure to see such an enthusiastic and dedicated team, from the management level to the drivers. They have all been participating and are completely involved in the trainings they are following. The follow-up session we had was impressive with the specific and detailed questions they had. Overall it is a real satisfaction to see the content and training responds so well to their needs and it was a pleasure to work with such a dynamic team.”

Drivers absorbing the training concepts and inspired to adjust their habits

“I have 15 years of experience, but I have been learning so many things, learning to understand why I do them, and why it is important. One example is the daily inspection before I start the vehicle. I will never start again without doing this properly!”

Drivers in Nirina’s team have mentioned how the training is helping them to understand things they might have been doing for many years that they need to change.

One other driver said that in addition to the content, he was happy to learn and improve on the technical vocabulary in French as French is their second language. All drivers said how everything was very clear and easy to follow, it was both detailed and technical and fascinating to follow.

Congratulations to Nirina for taking this initiative and for getting everyone on board and being engaged in learning and stepping up the knowledge!

If you or your team would like to start learning in more detail, working together as a team and receiving a in depth Q&A session with TGS as a bonus, let us know! You can read more here: or contact us directly.



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