Expression of Interest for the Provision of a Vehicle Tracking System

Expression of Interest for the Provision of a Vehicle Tracking System with related products and services.

General background

  1. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with its Secretariat in Vienna, Austria and field offices in Europe (Eastern Europe including the Balkans) and Central Asia is the largest regional security organisation in the world. The OSCE is seeking a provider of a Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) with related products and services.

  2. Vehicle Tracking Systems are in use by the OSCE and its field missions for years to satisfy security, logistical and fleet management needs. Operating in hazardous, harsh and difficult environments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the reliability, endurance and accuracy of the tracking of 800 (plus) vehicles and its telematics is crucial for OSCE operations’ success.

  3. OSCE locations are: Austria, The Netherlands, Ukraine (including areas currently not under control by Ukrainian government – i.e. Donetsk and Luhansk), Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Poland, Serbia, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Czech Republic.

Purpose of this EOI

  1. The purpose of this EOI is to receive information about potential suppliers’ verified technical and financial capacity to provide the required goods with related devices and services and to receive information on how they would be able to satisfy OSCE needs in this respect . Suppliers will be invited to participate in a formal bidding process for a proposed tender later this year.

  2. Most important elements of the anticipated tender later this year will be:

  3. Geographical (Europe, including Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia) coverage for installation (in country), warranty and service;

  4. Cloud solution;

  5. GPRS/GSM and satellite connectivity;

  6. Proven track record of successfully delivering similar services at scale.

Preparing and submitting your Expression of Interest

  1. To submit your EOI, potential suppliers are to provide the below filled in EOI Response Form with all information requested and signed by the authorized company representative and company stamp.

  2. Documentation requested is to be sent by email to to the attention of Laurence Roche, Procurement Officer, with subject: EOI for VTS, not later than Monday 19th April 12:00;

  3. Responses and supporting documentation received will be treated as confidential and will not be made available to the public;

  4. This EOI does not constitute a solicitation. The OSCE reserves the right to change or cancel this procurement process or any of its requirements at any time during the process; any such action will be communicated accordingly.

  5. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in writing at to the attention of Laurence Roche, Procurement Officer, ensuring the email subject: EOI for VTS, not later than Friday 9th April, COB. A responses to the questions received will be provided by Tuesday 13th April COB.

To view and fill out the EOI Response Form, click the form below:

. Provision of a Vehicle T

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