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Introducing: ESAT


The Fleet Forum, in partnership with hulo, and with support from the European Commission and CDCS is proud to announce the launch of its new Environmental Self-Assessment tool: Fleet and Transport Management. 


In the race to meet 2030 environmental goals, aid and development organisations are stepping up, committing to substantial CO2 reductions. Transport and Fleet management Is among Instrumental topics where substantial reductions can be achieved within this timeframe. Such reductions induce rather different practices In the way of approaching transport, mobility and fleet management than the current ones, using ESAT will allow you to Identify your areas of Improvement. 

The tool 

This tool allows you to assess your organisation's approach to transport and fleet management from an environmental sustainability perspective against a number of recognised standards and requirements, including the DG ECHO Minimum Environmental Requirements and Recommen-dations (MERR).

Follows the principles of Avoid, Shift, Improve recognising that organisations committed to environmental sustainability will be implementing activities across all three of these areas.

To learn more and to participate in one of our Launch webinars, visit:



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