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Moses Bulama of International Rescue Commitee wins the 2024 Fleet Manager of the Year Award

During the award ceremony at the Annual Fleet Forum Conference on June 26, Moses Bulama, Fleet Manager of International Rescue Commitee in Maiduguri, has been named as the winner of the 2024 Fleet Manager of the Year.  

A jury panel reviewed the shortlisted applications from Moses Bulama , as well as Abdul Malek from Care in Bangladesh, Tarek Samardji from ICRC in Lebanon, Haldun Baldak from Care in Turkey  for the award.  

Thereafter, Moses and colleagues presented their projects during the virtual Annual Fleet Forum Conference. Combining the jury vote as well as the votes of over 250 fleet managers around the world,  Moses was selected as the 2024 winner.  


Moses' drive for sustainability and safety   

Moses has distinguished himself through his innovative management strategies at IRC Nigeria. His dedication to sustainability was evident in his strong focus on greening initiatives, aiming to reduce environmental impacts within fleet operations. Moses adeptly employed optimization techniques to enhance operational efficiencies, demonstrating a keen understanding of how to balance resource management with performance. 


From his video presentation, it was resoundingly clear that he has keenly engaged all his stakeholders and has a profound commitment to driver welfare, a focus that sets him apart in the sector. He adopted a driver recognition program that not only incentivizes exemplary behavior but also fosters a culture of safety and appreciation among the team. Not only has he improved operational outcomes but has also enhanced the morale and productivity of his team, making his contributions truly exceptional in the field. 


About the 2024 Awards Runner-Ups   

Haldun Baldak from CARE Turkey demonstrated remarkable adaptability and resilience while operating in the challenging environments following the devastating earthquake in Turkey. In response to the crisis, Haldun was particularly creative in repurposing vehicles to meet urgent community needs effectively. Recognizing the personal impacts of the disaster, Haldun also provided significant support to staff members affected by the earthquake, ensuring their well-being during these trying times. He showed strong commitment to fleet safety and has innovated in fleet management by developing a mobile application that transforms traditional manual logsheets into a digital format. This technological advancement has been a game changer for the Country Office, enabling more efficient and data-driven decision-making processes that are not commonly seen in the sector.  

Tarek Samarji's from ICRC Lebanon, stood out remarkably for his innovative approach and practical fleet management implementation. His creation of a Value Based Application (VBA) to optimize fleet operations showcases a commendable application of learned skills into a functional tool. The VBA program employs advanced optimization algorithms, such as compatibility and overlapping matrices, to enhance the efficiency of field trip requisitions effectively. Notably, Tarek's focus on the end-users has been paramount; he has actively incorporated customer feedback to refine and improve the application. Tarek's customer-driven approach not only boosted, satisfaction but also directly contributes to ICRC program's success and relevance. 


Abdul Malek from CARE Bangladesh, has demonstrated commendable dedication to reducing the environmental footprint of his fleet operations. His approach combined the implementation of practical tools with robust training programs, underscoring his commitment to both efficiency and staff development. Notably, Abdul placed a significant emphasis on driver health, recognizing the critical impact it can have on safety and overall operational success.  




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