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TGS shares its vision for Accelerating Sustainable Fleet Change for its Humanitarian Customers

TGS shares its strategy towards a cleaner fleet for Humanitarian Customers at 2024 Fleet Forum Annual Conference.

As co-hosts of the Fleet Forum Annual Conference, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) shared its overarching vision for a sustainable fleet and outlined the measures being implemented to support humanitarian organizations.

Fred Burgod, Co-CEO of TGS, emphasized that Toyota is steadfastly building upon the sustainable practices foundation established in previous years. Alongside Jean-Philippe Lézeau,, the Fleet Services Manager at TGS, he presented three critical highlights during their host presentation: 


  1. Their ongoing commitment and the substantial progress made in minimizing the environmental impact of their operations. 

  2. The significant expansion of their fleet management services. Over the past year, TGS has effectively doubled its training capabilities, which includes delivering RoSPA-certified training in multiple languages globally.

  3. A clear call to action for humanitarian organizations to engage with authorized dealers, which not only prolongs the vehicle lifespan but also enhances overall fleet sustainability. 


The humanitarian sector's response was notably enthusiastic. Over 500  fleet managers attended the Annual Conference on June 25. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive regarding TGS’s role as host and the breadth of its service offerings.  


Participants expressed keen interest in TGS’s training initiatives and were eager to observe further advancements, especially in low-emission solutions. 


To view the full presentation by TGS, please click on the video link below: 


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