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Welcome to Oxfam, our newest Fleet Forum Member

Oxfam is a global movement of people who are fighting inequality to end poverty and injustice. Across regions, from the local to the global, they work with people to bring change that lasts.

Their work is grounded in the commitment to the universality of human rights. Driven by diversity and founding asks in evidence and experience, they take sides against poverty and injustice everywhere. Feminist approaches guide all their analysis, action and interaction.

Oxfam is working across regions in 85 countries, with thousands of partners and allies, supporting communities to build better lives for themselves, grow resilience and protect lives and livelihoods also in times of crisis. Because they want lasting solutions, they fight the inequalities that keep people locked in poverty and injustice, they tackle not the symptoms but the systems, and they campaign for genuine, durable change.

To learn more about Oxfam and the work the do, visit:



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