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Welcome to Sightsavers, our newest Fleet Forum member.

We are happy to announce a new member to the Fleet Forum team!

Sightsavers works in more than 30 countries worldwide, focusing on Africa and Asia.

They work with local, regional, national and international partners and governments. With their help, they distribute treatments to prevent disease, carry out eye operations, advocate for disability rights and improve health services to create sustainable development projects. Find out where Sightsavers work.

Their vision is of a world where avoidable blindness is eliminated, and people with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else. This can only happen thanks to the generosity of supporters, so they aim to be as transparent as possible so you can be sure your money is being used wisely. Read about how they are run.

Sightsavers is proud to be a leader in the field. They are one of only nine charities ranked as ‘high performance’ by the UK’s Department for International Development, and are one of US evaluator GiveWell‘s top charities. Read more about their awards.

For more information on Sighsavers, please visit:



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