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Paul Mooney | Board Member
Paul was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and started work with UPS as a delivery driver in 2001 after completing an Honours degree in Computer Science. He has held a number of management positions in the UPS package operations, mainly in the London, England, area. After completing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, he held a number of UK nationwide HR roles.
In May 2014 he moved to Brussels to take on the role of Health & Safety Manager for the Europe West District, and since November 2015 has assumed responsibility for Health & Safety for the Europe Region.

Why is it important for UPS to be involved with Fleet Forum? 


UPS aims to make the world a safer place by using our company's logistics expertise and training to teach safety practices in the local and global communities that we serve. UPS invests more than US$100 million each year for the safety training of employees working with vehicles, airplanes or in freight handling roles. These employees spend more than 3.8 million hours a year on safety training in more than 150 formal courses. In 2017, the UPS Foundation donated US$16 million in financial and in-kind contributions to organizations that embody community safety, including the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, in an effort to help reduce global road fatalities. Our financial support helps provide road safety education to fleet and emergency drivers in developing nations.


It is important for UPS to build strong partnerships and alliances with organisations that share UPS’ desire to make our communities a safer place. It is not just a matter of providing financial support, UPS wishes to partner with organisations who value working in collaboration. Fleet Forum has consistently shown that they have the ability to action change and promote road safety in arenas where it is not always seen as a high priority. The UPS Foundation has a multi-tiered road safety strategy which aims to offer long-term solutions to traffic-related dangers around the world. Fleet Forum is a valued partner as they also have a strategic and multi-faceted approach to improving road safety.


Every year UPS assess the impact and performance of organisations that are supported through the UPS Foundation. We are consistently impressed with the engagement Fleet Forum have in the humanitarian sector over multiple continents. Fleet Forum are continually looking to innovate and create new solutions to train and educate for this reason UPS sees Fleet Forum as a long-term partner.

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