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Fleet Forum is hiring a Field Engagement Coordinator

As our Field Engagement Coordinator, you will be instrumental in facilitating engagement, un- derstanding member needs, and ensuring the effective delivery of Fleet Forum's capacity buil- ding activities in the field, including training programs, local hubs, and group coaching for fleet managers. Your expertise will foster a culture of continuous learning and development among our fleet managers, guiding and equipping them to make a tangible impact in the humanitarian and development sector.

You will primarily deliver - and in some cases oversee our Supporting Trainer in delivering - com- prehensive virtual and face-to-face fleet management trainings, tailored to the needs of fleet

managers. No two trainings are the same; you master the adult learning methodology, quickly get to know trainees, and adjust your facilitation approach to ensure everyone gets value from the training, no matter their position in their organisation.ort.

Fleet Forum is a virtual organisation. No office, no assets, no people on the payroll. That means that you will work with us under a consultancy contract. The number of days will depend on the projects that you and your colleagues are able to secure.

Please apply before April 3.

Read all about the vacancy, the requirements and how to apply here:

Fleet Forum Field Engagement Coordinator
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