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Fleet Forum Awards Ceremony – Did you miss it?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

During our virtual Award Ceremony on February 14, Fleet Forum celebrated drivers and fleet managers from around the globe. The ceremony was attended by approximately 700 Drivers, Country Directors, Fleet Managers and Supporters who had the option to listen in English, French or Spanish.

Miranda Shami from World Health Organization wins 2022 Fleet Manager of the Year Award

The winner of the Fleet Manager of the Year was decided by 356 voters during the virtual award ceremony on February 14. Miranda won the award after the top 2 candidates presented their projects to the audience, who could then cast their vote during a live voting.

Based in Jordan, Miranda is the driving force behind the implementation of electric and hybrid vehicles in WHOs fleet and understand that changing people’s behaviour is crucial to reduce the emissions.

In her speech Miranda acknowledged managers, co-workers, volunteers, drivers and everyone. She said “It’s really a pleasure and honour to see the love and appreciation for the work that I’m doing. It gives me lots of push to do more and more. The prize and award is wonderful, but the recognition, I really appreciate it”

Hilda Casos from Plan International in Peru was the runner up of 2022. Understanding the importance of timely, complete and accurate data she took the initiative to build an app that allows the drivers to record and upload fuel entry data.

In a profession that is still highly dominated by men, Fleet Forum is happy to see two female finalists. We believe that more diverse teams add value to organisational fleet management performance by having a variety of views and approaches.

Nebiyu Getachew from UNICEF Ethiopia wins the 2022 Global Driving Championship

The 2022 Global Driving Championship has been awarded to Nebiyu Getachew from UNICEF Ethiopia. Cathline Ouma, Operations Manager from the same office, joined in to celebrate and congratulated Nebiyu in winning the award.

For the second time in a row, the Driver Recognition Programme was open to all aid and development organisations around the world. More than 2.000 drivers in 101 teams, from 37 organisations in 53 countries participated in the virtual edition.

Senior leaders and direct supervisors play a key role in recognition. That is why we also facilitated more challenges this year:

  • Data Wizard challenge: won by Israt Hossain, Joydeb Barua, Chandan Shrestra and Juanid Sharif from WFP Bangladesh

  • Leadership challenge: won by Marianne Aparicio, Country Director of IRC Colombia & Venezuela

  • Green Challenge: won by the Team of WFP Nigeria

  • Safety Challenge: won by the Team of WFP Bangladesh

  • Team Challenge: won by the Team of WFP Bangladesh

In it’s seventh year, the Driver Recognition Programme could not have been facilitated without the commitment of the UPS Foundation, a long-term partner of Fleet Forum. Through the support of the UPS Foundation, we have been able to launch and grow such recognition initiatives. Caroline Kiunga, Community Relations Manager, recognised UPS’ strong and unwavering stance, not only for employee recognition, safety and sustainability, but also their support of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Fleet Forum also thanked supporting sponsor TerraMar Networks for their dedication to helping fleet managers understand how to use the data they are capturing in a positive way.

Broadcasted from the Netherlands at the studios of Borish, the ceremony was an international event, with humanitarian organisations organising celebrations in their offices to recognise their drivers.



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