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Introducing: ‘training in your pocket’.

If we have learned one thing over the last couple of months this is it: the way we train people radically changed during COVID-19. Whereas ‘in classroom’ training was the norm for many of us 10 years ago, we shifted through blended learning – an approach to education that combines online fleet management e-learning modules with traditional place-based workshops in the past years. COVID-19 challenged us to not only transform our Fleet Management Fundamentals and Pro Training into a 100% online experience, it also allowed us to accelerate the development of mobile learning. Aka: Micro learning or as we call it: Training in your pocket.

Meet your trainer: Your Smart Phone With the support of UPS, we have developed four training programmes for smart phones that offer bite-sized training chunks so that learners get exposed to the content frequently (in some cases daily). This helps to retain the knowledge and skills that you want them to have, even long after the training.

We will use the programmes as an additional method to strengthen the Fleet Management Fundamentals and as stand-alone modules.

Be A Coaching Champion For Your Drivers – one of the four new micro learning programmes
Be A Coaching Champion For Your Drivers

Every organisation should include microlearning in their training strategy

On Tuesday 9 February at 12 pm (CET) we will host a session around mobile learning to help you understand:

  • Benefits and limitations of microlearning;

  • Principles and application of microlearning in fleet management context;

  • How you can embed microlearning in your training strategy;

  • Microlearning examples for you to try out.

Join us in this 30-minute session, to get new ideas and innovate your fleet training programmes. Even if you don’t have a training programme, this session can give you ideas on how to boost your fleet system or fleet policy implementation.

We encourage you to invite a representative from your Learning Department to this session as well.

Click here to register for the session on Tuesday 9 February at 12 pm.

Already want to try mobile learning? We can imagine that you are curious what mobile learning is. To give you first-hand experience we have prepared a short module which you can try out for 14 days. All you have to do is follow this link, complete a registration process and start learning.

For the best experience we advise you to access the module through your mobile phone. If you use it on your desktop we advise Google Chrome.



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