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Launching: Driver's Seat

Updated: May 27, 2020

Driver’s Seat – The App

Wouldn’t it be cool if your drivers have a gadget that encourages them to drive at a safe speed, to take rest breaks every 2 hours of driving and to refrain from using the phone whilst the vehicle is in motion?

Today we introduce Driver’s Seat, a driver app for Android phones that aims to stimulate positive driver behaviour change using gamification principles.

Driver’s Seat challenges drivers to improve trip after trip and provides instant feedback. Driver Seat will keep track of performance through Leader Boards that will show how the driver is doing at personal, organisation and country level.

Driver’s Seat was developed with the driver in mind. It will certainly not replace your in-vehicle tracking systems but it will give the driver a gadget and encourage them to perform better trip after trip. Imagine, the driver wants to be tracked.

The Driver’s Seat app is free to use by all drivers, the only thing the driver needs is an android phone and an internet connection (and yes, the app does cater for ‘out of reach’ situations).

As road safety is mentioned as a key priority by all of our members we encourage you to have your drivers download the app.

Driver’s Seat is currently available for Android phones and can be downloaded via or through the Driver’s Seat Facebook page.

Driver’s Seat is endorsed by Fleet Forum members Globaltrack, Novacom CLS Services, Terramar Networks and Microlise who have been involved in the development and testing of driver apps.

Driver’s Seat – The School

Building the knowledge and skills of your drivers can result in significant benefits for your organisation, from reduction in fleet-related costs and crashes rates to improvement in programme delivery and reduction in vehicle emissions.

Driver’s Seat includes a Training School, where you can find 100% online trainings with the modern learner in mind, brought to you by the best training providers.

Drivers can purchase affordable trainings of their choosing, learn at their own pace and earn a certificate by demonstrating their learning. It will not replace practical in-cab training, but online training has proven to be very effective to build knowledge and skills.

We are delighted that Fleet Forum member Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings is offering the first training on Road Safety. In the coming days, we are planning to launch defensive driving eco-driving, motorbike riding and more.

In the coming months, we will be launching more trainings related to defensive driving eco-driving, data analysis, motorbike riding and much more, As their employer, you may also consider the option of purchasing the trainings for your drivers. We encourage you to present the training school to your drivers and let them in be in control of their development.

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