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One month into Driver’s Seat – Here’s some insights

About a month ago ‘Driver’s Seat, the app that encourages drivers to improve their driving behavior was launched.

We’d like to share what we’re seeing.

What can we learn from these early findings?

  • Congratulate the 280 drivers that are actively using Driver’s Seat. They have taken the step to actively improve their driving behaviour!

  • Do we ensure that drivers know what to do when they have symptoms associated with Coronavirus / COVID-19? Do you drivers feel comfortable to speak up if they are experiencing symptoms?

  • Investigate why drivers speed and use their phone at these specified times. Perhaps there is a correlation with staff wanting to be picked up from lunch venues?

  • If you have field offices in Nigeria, identify why there are events related to speeding and use of mobile phones whilst driving and put some mitigating actions in place.

Drivers’s Seat is available for Android phones and can be downloaded via For more information about the insights you could get from the app please send an email to

If you’re looking for training resources for your drivers, we have just the right thing for you. On Driver’s Seat/The School, you can find online trainings to build the knowledge of your drivers in the areas of road safety , eco-driving , off-road driving and much more.



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