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Remote driver training reaches the most remote locations

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

“This is the first time we have had this kind in 8 years of working with AAH South Sudan. This training has helped me learn new driving skills and my confidence levels have increased as I’ve gotten to know my vehicle more than I did before this training” - Driver Buthrus Ajou from Malualkon.

AAH South Sudan is actively working on reducing maintenance and repair costs as well as road traffic crashes. Earlier this year, Fleet Manager Taban Kennedy Emmanuel participated in our Fundamentals training. By the end of the training, he was even more motivated to train his drivers to help him achieve cost savings and fewer crashes.

But how could he arrange training for his drivers? Getting access to good quality driver training in South Sudan can already be a challenge … that in combination with travel restrictions due to Covid-19 made this a daunting task.

Taban decided to get creative. He just completed a fleet management training online, surely this approach could be replicated for his team of drivers. Taban purchased the TGS Driver Competency Essentials. He arranged email addresses for his drivers as well as internet and computer access and briefed them on the relevance of the training for them and AAH.

Dedicated Session for Drivers, Hosted by Vehicle Experts

In addition to the 5-hour self-paced training materials, AAH, TGS and Fleet Forum worked together to coordinate a special session for the drivers. Last week, TGS hosted a Q&A session with the drivers, during which they were able to get answers to questions regarding vehicle safety features. This session allowed them to reflect on the concepts presented by TGS and brainstorm on how to apply these in the context in South Sudan.

By the end of the session, drivers were super enthusiastic and ready to put what they learnt into practice. Driver colleagues Siliman Omar in Juba and Giir Mayar from Alek both said they have learnt the importance of regular tyre pressure checks and how it can reduce road crashes. At the end of the training, drivers took a test to asses the knowledge gain and received an E-Certificate from TGS .

Fleet Forum applauds AAH and TGS for thinking creatively and working towards solutions to make fleet improvements. In the coming weeks, we will be working together with Taban to monitor the impact of the training.

Are you interested in a similar approach for your driver teams? Send us an email and we’ll guide you with identifying the most suitable training approach for your context.



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