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Save the Children wins the 2023 Best Transport Achievement Award!

During the 20th Annual Fleet Forum Conference, Save the Children International (SCI) have been named as the winner of the 2023 UPS sponsored Best Transport Achievement Award, for their ambitious Fleet Transformation Project.

Each year we receive multiple ambitious entries for the award, which means a leap forward for the originations and for the sector as a whole. This year, the winner was selected by a jury who counted as 75% of the votes, while the viewers of the conference determined the other 25% of the votes during the Live Award Ceremony.

The winner was determined based on the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness and overall impact of output in the situation described.

  • Demonstrated innovative ideas and techniques.

  • Wider significance and applicability to other circumstances.

  • Collaboration and consultation with (internal) stakeholders and partners.

  • Success in overcoming technical challenges and other difficulties.

Winning the Award

UPS Representative Cathy Nightingale - UPS Health & Safety ISMEA, presented the award to John Saisi, Global Senior Fleet Manager, who accepted it on behalf of Save The Children International. Cathy said: “This organisation has calibrated succesfully with their in- /and external stakeholders to get their initiative off the ground by making a systemic change, were able to sustainably reduce costs and emissions and increase safety. It is an example for other organisations of how you can manage your fleet and in a different way, and have a different relationship with their donors'.

Fleet Forum Executive Director Paul Jansen said “SCI’s Fleet Transformation is breaking new ground in Fleet Management for INGOs – by introducing a new innovative model for Fleet financing and recovering costs they have created a platform on which to build a leading practice Fleet operation. The focus on sustainability, value for money, operational efficiency and road safety shows a holistic approach to fleet management which helps overcomes many systemic barriers for INGOs in Fleet Management. It’s for these reasons our panel was delighted to award SCI with the 2023 Fleet Forum Best Transport Achievement Award, sponsored by UPS Foundation.

The Project Jamie Meacham, Global Head of Warehousing, Distribution and Fleet, elaborated on the project in the presentation part during the Annual Conference.

Previously, project specific vehicles were being purchased and retained after projects, which has led to a bloated and aged fleet, that is expensive to operate and does not provide value for money. In many countries, drivers and SCI staff traveled to work in vehicles that do no longer meet modern safety standards and are polluting to the environment. These practices led to a yearly increase of fleet operating costs, with no sustainable solution to the problem.

SCI’s Fleet Transformation Project focuses on imporving fleet management and the use of their fleet. The main goal of this programme is to equip the organisation with safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient transport which will provide better value for money, improve programme efficiency, increase both communities’ and staff safety and reduce SCI’s global carbon footprint.

The approach to their transformation is exemplary: it is holistic, data-driven and it measures the impact of reducing costs to re-allocate funds where they are needed most. The project is built on 3 steps:

1. Fleet Rightsizing and the setting of the Fleet Service Charge

2. Eligible vehicles are converted to charge the Fleet Service Charge

3. Deployment of ProFleet and IVMS in countries and Vehicles cost recover to Awards based on usage

The result: SCI providing better VFM through a modern, safer and eco-friendly fleet.

About the World Bank Group

The runner-up for the award was World Bank Group, with their integrated Road Safety Programme showcase a range of approaches to delivering a holistic solution including: enhanced policies and manuals, online tools, incident reporting and monitoring and evaluation, all spearheaded critically by a Staff Road Safety Committee.

About the Best Transport Achievement Award

Launched in 2012, the Best Transportation Achievement Award is an annual award, recognising the fleet manager and the organisation that is an inspiring example for others. The purpose of the award is to highlight projects which implemented scalable and innovative solutions with demonstrable impact in one or more of the following fleet management areas: road safety, fleet safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency.

About the Sponsor

UPS improves the wellbeing of people and communities by tapping into our partnerships and innovative logistical expertise to deliver health and humanitarian solutions for underserved and impacted communities. Fleet and transport projects are part of this logistical expertise and, through the Best Transport Achievement Award, they want to recognise organisations that are introducing innovative, replicable projects that make an impact.


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