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Save the date! You are invited to our upcoming webinar, funded by USAID

Reserve your spot! You are invited for our special webinar on ‘Fleet Policy’, funded by USAID

On November 13, Paul Jansen, Fleet Forum’s Executive Director will talk about the importance of your Fleet Policy.

In this webinar we will dive into the importance of Fleet Policies. Who is eligible to drive a vehicle, where can vehicles being used, what is the choice of vehicles, what are drivers responsibilities, how does it impact safety? And also, how do donors look at your policy.

This webinar is aimed at organisations:

- that want to ensure that their fleet policy is aligned with the organizational objectives and values;

- that want to ensure to comply with donor requirements;

- that are eager to have a fair policy around vehicles that will not trigger disrupting discussions.

Register here:

We’ll be starting at 2 pm (CEST) / Spots are limited!


14.00 – 14.05: Introduction

14.05 – 14.10: Why do you need a fleet policy

14.10 – 14.15: Who are your stakeholders

14.15 – 14.20: How do you define your policy objectives

14.20 – 14.30: Responsibility organisation and responsibility drivers

14.30 – 14.40: Fleet Policy: do’s and don’ts

14.40 – 14.50: Questions and Answers

14.50 – 14.55: Wrap up

Burning questions for Paul? Ask them here. This webinar will be recorded and placed on our Knowledge Platform.

Paul Jansen | Executive Director

Paul Jansen has worked in the mail delivery and transport sector for 21 years. During this time, he was responsible for managing different parts of the Dutch Postal organization, now called Post NL, as well as TNT Express. For many years he was responsible for large operational units, and also managed Sales, Customer Service, Marketing and Process Engineering departments.

He has been dedicated to organisational change since the day he started working at Post NL in 1989. As a management trainee, he joined the company during its transformative years from a state-run enterprise to a commercially listed company. In his roles at TNT Express Benelux, Paul worked on operational change with a clear focus and strong vision on people, customers, profit and the planet. In January 2011, Paul joined Fleet Forum as its Executive Director.



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