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Save the date! You are invited to our upcoming webinar.

Curiosity does not always kill the cat – the importance of crash analysis.

On September 4, Rose van Steijn, Fleet Forum’s Development Director will talk about the importance of crash data analysis.

In this webinar we will dive into the importance of root cause analysis and how analyzing crash data is not a blame-finding exercise but an opportunity to learn and improve.

This webinar is aimed at organisations:

  • that want to go beyond reporting for insurance purposes only or

  • that want to use past data to learn for future prevention or

  • that are eager to mature their crash reporting and learn if they are ready to implement near miss programmes.

In many organisations crash reporting and analysis involves multiple functions and is not a sole responsibility for the fleet manager. We therefore encourage you to extend this invitation with your colleagues in safety and security, occupational health and safety, risk management and others who are involved in crash reporting.

We’ll be starting at 2 pm (CEST) / Spots are limited!


14.00 – 14.05: Introduction

14.05 – 14.10: Defining a crash: Not an easy job

14.10 – 14.15: The secret of crash analysis: be a curious person

14.15 – 14.20: Learn from the Titanic

14.20 – 14.30: Crash analysis: the do’s and the don’ts

14.30 – 14.40: Near miss readiness

14.40 – 14.50: Questions and Answers

14.50 – 14.55: Wrap up

Burning questions for Rose? Ask them here

Rose van Steijn | Development Director

Rose has been working with Fleet Forum since 2008. What started as a six-weeks project, finalizing the fleet safety management toolkit, ended up being a journey of a lifetime. In her capacity as Programme Manager, she has been responsible for the development and execution of Fleet Forum projects and solutions that contribute to safe, efficient and clean fleet operations in low- and middle-income countries.

Rose has been involved in numerous fleet management projects ranging from the development of Humanitarian Fleet Management Standards, the Fleet Excellence Training and Driver Behaviour App. She worked with many organisations; assessing the fleet of Catholic Relief Services, managing the global road safety programme and developing a global fleet management training for UNHCR and assisting WHO in the development of their fleet management strategy, too name a few.

Since 2019 Rose has taken up the role as Development Director and will focus her attention at Fleet Forum product and service development.



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