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Day one at the Annual Conference.

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Fleet Forum kicks off its 16th Annual Conference

Over 100 delegates from 60 different organizations attended a lively first day of the 16th Annual Fleet Forum Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Executive Director Paul Jansen kicked off the day by thanking our host, Maersk, and conference sponsors Renault, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings and UPS. The theme of the conference,  “Future of Fleet Management”, underscored the challenge for fleet practitioners of anticipating and staying ahead of shifting trends.

Kevin Furniss, Vice President and Head of Health, Safety, Security & Environment at Maersk, explained that Maersk is actively engaged with Fleet Forum and humanitarian aid support because all 17 of the Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals are a key part of its business. 2019 will mark the 100th anniversary of Maersk opening its first overseas office in New York. Today it operates in 130 countries around the world.

Annual Fleet Forum Conference
Attendees at the 2018 Annual Fleet Forum Conference in Copenhagen.

“Making the world a better place is core to what we do. It is our duty as a company,” said Kevin. The two-day Fleet Forum Conference kicked off with a keynote presentation by Mubarak Moosa, a corporate innovator and Director of Central and Eastern Europe with consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. His presentation addressed key emerging trends and their impact on future mobility. “We talk about the future but the future is already here,” said Mubarak.

Mubarak Moosa presenting his keynote address
Mubarak Moosa presenting his keynote address

He spoke about the increase of people living in cities, which will impact how people and goods move on a daily basis, including a shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle usage. He addressed scenarios like what shifts occur in the market with new mobility models such as car sharing, and how people will start to monetize the unutilised time of their car. The autonomous car is another key trend that is changing the way we look at transport, he said. That development is evolving very quickly too, with what began as distance warnings and cruise control to an expectation of having driverless cars in just a few years.

Fleet Forum, Conference,
Fleet Forum Executive Director Paul Jansen with Mubarak Moosa, Corporate Innovator and Director of Central and Eastern Europe, Frost & Sullivan

Mubarak’s keynote presentation can be viewed on Facebook or by clicking here.

After the keynote presentation, delegates had the opportunity to attend a series of interactive breakout groups that addressed topics such as the shift from total cost of ownership to total cost of mobility, how to guarantee a successful system implementation and how to influence driver behaviour through recognition programmes. The day ended with a presentation by ProPortion, a human-centered design agency, and the TwoBillionEyes Foundation, that aim to bring affordable, quality eye care to more than 2.4 billion people in developing countries who have no access to eye test services and affordable custom eye glasses.



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