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TerraMar Networks the first to sign up for the Driver Recognition Programme.

We are proud to announce TerraMar Networks as the first to sign up and sponsor the new Data Challenge during the 2020 Driver Recognition Programme .

2020 marks the 5th consecutive year of the Driver Recognition Programme in East and Southern Africa and TerraMar has been a key sponsor since the programme’s inception. We are happy this year they chose to partner with us again.

Through the Qualifying Rounds of the Driver Recognition Programme, Fleet Forum encourages organisations to use data to manage performance and recognise their best drivers. In 2020, we will further strengthen this link by introducing a Data Challenge, geared towards Transport Managers, in the Qualifying Rounds. Transport Managers will have a chance to secure bonus points for their organisation in the final event by cracking a data-based case.

Registration to the Driver Recognition Programme is now open. We call all interested humanitarian organisations in East and Southern Africa to sign up before March 25th, 2020. Sign up your country office online by clicking here!



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