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TGS and Fleet Forum strengthen Driver Recognition Partnership.

Fleet Forum is a membership organization, therefore it is our desire to bring together organizations from different areas (humanitarian aid and development organizations, commercial suppliers, donors, academia etc.) to professionalize fleet management. We champion partnerships between all these different organizations as this leads to meaningful engagement and sustainability of initiatives. This year marks the 3rd consecutive Driver Recognition Programme in Kenya, East Africa.

Fleet Forum can not organise these large events without the support of our valued members who help us, sponsor us and make the programme a succes. Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings or TGS – has been with us from the start of the DRP to set an example of how suppliers can work together with different partners to bring value to their clients.

TGS has actively endorsed the programme in East Africa, not only by assisting with providing financial sponsorship, but also providing the design of different challenges throughout the day and providing experienced assessors to conduct the off-road driving assessment. This allows organizations to get feedback on their driving both during and after the programme.

Aside from selling vehicles to the humanitarian sector, TGS has a dedicated training team who offer a range of driver trainings in the most remote locations.

This year we were pleased to strengthen our partnership through the gracious support of Toyota Kenya. Toyota Kenya has a large Training Academy in Nairobi, where they serve mechanical trainings to both private customers as well as other Toyota dealerships in the region. Next to their facility in Nairobi, they have created a challenging quarry, where they can train and prepare drivers on many different types of roads and conditions.

The Toyota Kenya team engaged in the programme by: – Sending 6 of their well experienced trainers to join the DRP as our assessors – Creating a new ‘Parts Knowledge’ challenge – Providing assessors for off-road driving and maneouvering exercise

For the final DRP event, we aim to simulate the typical day of a professional humanitarian driver. A critical success factor of the programme is our ability to develop a comprehensive assessment methodology that allows drivers to benchmark their skills with colleagues.

As the focus on road safety initiatives increases among the national and international aid and development sector, so does Fleet Forum’s desire to improve our partnership practices and provide the drivers of member organizations with professional and appropriate experiences. Through these multi-partner collaborations, Fleet Forum is able to expand the reach of the programme and we look forward to fostering our partnerships and collaborations in the future.



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