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UNHCR has fleet-related consultancy opportunities.

Updated: Sep 26, 2019


UNHCR operates a worldwide fleet of approximately 7,700 light, armored, heavy and specialized vehicles. Using roads is a necessary part of daily business in UNHCR field operations. International and local staff members often use vehicles for road missions to emergency and insecure locations to provide humanitarian assistance.

For different projects, UNHCR is advertising the following fleet-related UNOPS consultancy opportunities:

Fleet Coordinator for the Carpooling /sharing project in Beirut, Lebanon.

Click this link for detailed information and to apply for the Fleet Coordinator role.

Fleet and Asset Management Officer in Budapest, Hungary

With the potential expansion of UNHCR’s fleet-related services to external clients, an additional position is required to manage one or more pilot projects with external clients in various countries in order to implement the terms of the Service Level Agreement and to ensure compliance with UNHCR rules procedures. The initial pilot project, with UNFPA will cover 3 countries.

Click this link for detailed information and to apply for the Fleet and Asset Management Officer role.

Senior Road Safety Coordinator in Budapest, Hungary

In February 2019, UNHCR became signatory of the UN Road Safety Strategy and is actively engaged in several working groups targeting 5 pillars of Road Safety. At present, the Safe Road Use (SRU) activities are implemented in partnership with Fleet Forum. The implementation is monitored by the SRU Steering Committee. At the same time, there is no position within the organization, which manages road safety activities in a systematic and structured way. To regularize the effort and ensure continuity of the established Safe Road Use processes, UNHCR is searching for a Senior Road Safety Coordinator at the IICA Level 3 for the remaining 3 months of 2019 and for, at least, 6 months of 2020.

Click this linkfor detailed information and to apply for the Senior Road Safety Coordinator role.

Deadline for applications: 3 October 2019 (midnight Geneva time).



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