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Day 2 of the Fleet Forum Virtual Conference 2021

Another stimulating day of sessions continued throughout Day 2 of the conference. The Best Transport Achievement Award final nominees also shared their projects and the winner was decided by a vote from our conference delegates. Were you not able to catch a specific session? All sessions will be posted on the Fleet Forum Knowledge Platform shortly.

How to Establish Permanent Vehicle Sharing Mechanisms In Countries Where Multiple Aid Organizations Operate? “A strong level of advocacy is needed by the implementing team, change management is needed to make vehicle sharing viable. Let senior management know that the advantages far outweigh the cost.”

How To Motivate And Invest In Your Drivers? Having motivated drivers increases their engagement with your organization which ensure lower turnover and increased skills. This session informed you how to attain motivated drivers on the basis of several years of training and field experience.

What Are The Trends In The Corporate Sector? In this panel discussion with representatives from Connector, Danone, and Philips challenges shared between the corporate and the humanitarian aid sector were discussed.

Crash Analysis Business Case We learned how cost efficiency can be achieved via a crash analysis. This session highlighted Armored Vehicles, a special component of many vehicle fleets, and how its characteristics affect the crash analysis.

Being Customer Oriented Requires Employee-Focused Management Alistair Group has pursued a closer relationship with its internal clients (employees). We learned how Alistair group attained their success which it credits to their employees.

Building Resilience In The Supply Chain Workforce - Good Practices In Last Mile Delivery from Zambia and Ethiopia Transaid and Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) shared their best practices in last mile delivery, a critical point of the supply chain. “As ITC we are doing everything as possible to have a good gender representation, with your help we are recruiting female instructors to attract more female drivers to create equality in this sector”

WFP Sudan Fleet Management: A story from the Field This session highlights two women achieving success in a male dominated society. “Timely response is very critical in any emergency, and in the complex ecosystem of Sudan every hour and every minute counts to save lives.”

Best Transportation Achievement Award Winner We announced and congratulated WFP as the winner of the Best Transportation Achievement Award 2021 for their project The Humanitarian Booking Hub! For more information on the nominees and winning project, click here.


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