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ICRC wins the 2022 Best Transport Achievement for their Fleet Safety Project

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

At the 2022 Virtual Annual Fleet Forum Conference, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) have been selected the winner of this years’ Best Transport Achievement Award, sponsored by UPS, for their Global Fleet Safety Project.

Dimitri Mandin and Farah Maayta, Fleet Safety Program Manager and Coordinator warmly received the award on behalf of ICRC.

This year Fleet Forum received many ambitious entries. The winner was determined based on the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness and overall impact of output in the situation described

  • Demonstrated innovative ideas and techniques

  • Wider significance and applicability to other circumstances

  • Collaboration and consultation with (internal) stakeholders and partners

  • Success in overcoming technical challenges and other difficulties.

ICRC’s management-driven, data-centered Fleet Safety Project

Statistics before 2013 showed that ICRC staff members were affected by road crashes more than disease, natural disasters, and armed conflicts. Against this background, it was natural that the organisations’ fleets faced numerous safety and security challenges on the road. Hence, their Global Fleet Safety Project was launched back in 2013-2015, resulting in the creation of the “Fleet Safety Program” in 2016.

ICRC understands that tackling road traffic crashes requires leadership, management commitment and above all long term dedicated attention.

Their approach to road safety is exemplary: it is data-driven, it measures the impact of road safety interventions, it is built on the five pillars of the road safety strategy and it aims to build a safe culture in the organisation.

ICRC’s fleet safety program consists of 8 steps:

  • Driver selection process

  • Right vehicle for the right job

  • Road safety regulations

  • Data management

  • Data analysis

  • Defining mitigation measures

  • Supporting the application of measures

  • Annual review of actions

About the Best Transport Achievement Award

Launched in 2012, the Best Transportation Achievement Award is an annual award, recognising the fleet manager and the organisation that is an inspiring example for others. The purpose of the award is to highlight projects which implemented scalable and innovative solutions with demonstrable impact in one or more of the following fleet management areas: road safety, fleet safety, environmental impact, and cost efficiency. Paul Mooney, Human Resources Director at UPS, presented the award to ICRC and recognised the Fleet Forum community. Their support to Fleet Forum is a natural extension of their road safety and environmental commitment, and their relationship with the preminent humanitarian relief organizations counted among the Fleet Forum members.

UPS improves the well-being of people and communities by tapping into our partnerships and innovative logistical expertise to deliver health and humanitarian solutions for underserved and impacted communities.Fleet and transport projects are part of this logistical expertise and, through the Best Transport Achievement Award, they want to recognize organisations that are introducing innovative, replicable projects that make an impact.

Stefano Nicolai, Common Mobility Manager at World Food Programme, winner of the Best Transportation Achievement Award in 2021 for the UN Booking Hub, shared his experience after winning the award. “There was huge attendance at last year’s conference and my colleagues recognise me a little more when I go on mission. It was great for our organisation, even our top management took to social media to celebrate the recognition that was given to the Humanitarian Booking Hub by industry experts. Applying for the award also gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we do and evaluate the performance of our flee.t All in all, it’s a fantastic experience, one that I would recommend to all organisations.”



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