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Join to reduce costs and save lives by using Motorbike Tracking

Motorbike drivers are 35 x more likely to die in a road accident. Accidents that involve motorbike drivers are fatal with assets that are written off. Currently, motorbikes are the forgotten majority with limited focus on and monitoring of driver safety.

Fleet Forum is continuously looking for ways for our humanitarian members to benefit from new fleet management solutions and tools. Globaltrack and Fleet Forum have partnered to offer an exciting opportunity to the members of Fleet Forum and would like to invite organisations to join the Motorbike Driver Tracking Solution Program.

“We recognise the value of tracking vehicles and motorbikes, as it encourages organisations to embed tracking in their global fleet management plan. This Solution will provide organisations with the information needed to monitor and improve objectives related to effectiveness, safety, security and cost efficiency. By participating in the programme, organisations have the chance to determine the extent to which the motorbike driver tracking solution can support their organisation.” says Paul Jansen, Fleet Forum Executive Director.

Globaltrack and Fleet Forum will gather data and experience from all participants in the program and have developed an improved solution based on this. Based on the trial we have built knowledge on the benefits of motorbike driver tracking solution that can be shared with all members. “I believe this knowledge and experience gained from the motorbike driver tracking solution is a strong instrument to improve the safety, efficiency and environmental impact of motorbike fleets. We have seen the impact with organisations working with this solution” says Pieter Smits, CEO of Globaltrack.

This is Globaltrack's offer on the newly Improved Motorbike Driver Solution and it is aimed at improving driver safety through customised awareness and safety intervention workshops which are aligned with client key outcomes. The motorbike driver solution monitors unsafe driving behavior and provides training with an impact.

Globaltrack and Fleet Forum will collect data on Driver behavior such as Speeding, nighttime driving, harsh braking, and other violations. This will then be analysed and reports will be provided on Motorbike Driver Safety and Behavior to the NGO community.

Please let me know if you want to join this group of NGO’s that actively improve safety and reduce costs of motorbikes. Sent an email to:



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