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Keynote Sessions during the 2024 virtual Annual Conference

Part of our Annual Conference next week, are the Keynote Sessions. We are proud to announce the following Speakers to the agenda:

Tuesday 25 June at 12.15PM CEST: 

Stuart Campo (IOM) on: Storytelling with Data.

Data plays an increasingly important role in our organisations in the humanitarian sector, and has the potential to help us make better decisions, programmatically and operationally.  Stuart Campo will explore the changing role of data in recent years, sharing his experiences from UNOCHA and IOM.

We collect huge amounts of data, but are we clear why, do we know what we want to achieve with this before we decide what to collect? What is the role of bias in the way we interact with, collect, analyse and interpret data – even before we have presented it?What are also the dangers of poor story telling with data, using data in ways for which it was not intended and how can we avoid these pitfalls?

What does the future hold for our relationships with data and how can the programmatic and operational worlds better collaborate to make advances in this space which, ultimately, help us to work better and deliver more effectively to those in need

Wednesday 26 June at 12.15PM CEST: 

Kathrine Vad (DSS+) on: The powerful role of transport in achieving sustainability in the sector. 

Sustainable transport is the future license to operate. Donors, local communities, country regulations will put more presure on organisations to deliver sustianable transport. It is not a nice to have or an add on. It is part of how you operate. It is part of every decision you make. And transport is under your direct control. 

So how do people engage with this topic? Why would people make the right decisions? Why do we do what we do, even if they realise it might not be the right decision? And how do we operationalise our commitments, our ambitions? Join us for this inspiring and thought-provoking Keynote session on day 2 to learn more!

Follow our Keynote sessions Live by registering here:



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