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Revisit the Fleet Forum Annual Conference on our Knowledge Platform

From both keynote speeches, to award ceremonies and from the studio to our local hubs. From the engaging panel sessions to deep diving breakouts: you can now revisit the complete 2-day conference in your own pace, from your own space.

We hope you found this years' Annual Fleet Forum Conference insightful and we hope you have enjoyed the interaction, the networking, the celebrations and the breakout sessions.

There is something about being part of this 2-day event, that is hard to recreate at any other time.

But breakout sessions are taking place simultaneously, and you simply cannot follow everything all at once. And sometimes, you just want to revisit a session that hit home and you would like to hear and see it again...

This is why, we have uploaded all the sessions from the conference to our Knowlegde Platform, where you can review them when you like, as often as you like.

If you are part of a Fleet Forum member organisation, you can login with your organisations' email address and scroll down to "Conference Proceedings" 



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