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TGS shares Toyota’s steps for a cleaner fleet for Africa at 2021 Fleet Forum Conference.

Conference host, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) shared Toyota’s vision for the environment and what steps they are taking towards carbon neutrality.

Humanitarian organisations have committed to sustainability, including targets related to the use of electric vehicles.

During their presentation, TGS outlined Toyota’s plan to achieving Carbon Neutrality around the world. They have been investing in reducing the environmental impact of all processes - from manufacturing to recycle/disposal. TGS has also played its part and managed to reduce their own carbon footprint by 57% between 2018 and 2021.

Besides greening its own operations, Toyota’s approach to develop solutions that are sustainable and practical for the regions of use. Toyota understands the operating challenges of its humanitarian customers, such as rough environmental conditions, fuel quality, road & infrastructure conditions, logistics, and maintenance.

Toyota’s 3 step measured approach towards a cleaner fleet

Fred Burgod, TGS’ Commercial Director outlined three key steps Toyota will be taking to meet the ambitions of the aid and development sector.

Step 1: In order to pursue its carbon neutral goal and further along local sustainability goals Toyota plans the introduction of Hybrid Electric Vehicles by 2023. Further configurations of EVs such as Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles, and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles will be under consideration for introduction based on the local situation and customer needs.

It is worth noting that production of the vehicles made for the African market will be taking place in Africa itself. Production of the HEV Toyota Corolla Cross will begin in South Africa in October 2021. This is a major step for the company in offering a vehicle for organisations to consider in their cleaner fleet initiatives.

Step 2: On the path towards a cleaner fleet Toyota is also embarking on enhancements to its small car line-up. These vehicles will be geared towards city usage and aims to help users target a vehicle which can match their immediate needs better.

Step 3: Plans to develop a fleet management solution to enable the goal of cleaner fleets are marching forward. The Toyota Africa Connected project will consist of tracking solutions offering fleet management services to customers, services will include best route planning, fuel theft detection, safety driving support, amongst others. For humanitarian organisations this would mean less manpower dedicated to cost-saving measures and is meant to compliment their fleet management systems.

In some organisations, the Land Cruiser has become a symbol of field operations, therefore many conference participants were keen to hear Toyota’s plans. During the live Q&A, TGS representatives explained that “The Land Cruiser is a unique vehicle widely used as a working tool in harsh environments. Our aim is to provide a choice as wide as possible to cope with the relevant conditions users face. This is why today we introduced wider options with small city vehicles and HEV models, to assist in selecting the most appropriate vehicle for the intended environment.

A significant step forward

Paul Jansen, Executive Director states “To help aid and development organisations achieve their green agenda, OEMs need to take the step towards electrification, sell electric vehicles and provide aftersales support We are pleased to see TGS and Toyota outline their plans to aid and development organisations. He further stated “we encourage organisations to remain focused on identifying and using the right type of vehicles for their operating conditions”

With this presentation TGS sets the foundations for the future whilst reflecting its achievements in the 25 years of operation. TGS will continue to commit their services and technical support to the aid and humanitarian community assisting those who require more than just cars.

Covered here are the key points of TGS’ presentation. For full coverage, we invite you to the Fleet Forum Knowledge Platform where we will post the recording in the course of the week.



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