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The ‘New Normal’ adds New Skills to The Fleet Forum Team

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

As there is one thing we learned in 2020: it was a year in which everyone needed to pivot. The way we worked, learned, engaged, socialised and entertained changed – maybe forever.

For Fleet Forum’s Delivery Director Nikita the shift to remote working was the perfect reason to practice what we preach at Fleet Forum: you are never done with learning new skills. In order to support our members with their fleet management transformations, Nikita decided to take a Masterclass Design Sprint Facilitator. The goal of a Design Sprint is to identify real challenges, ideate potential solutions and prototype these in a short span of time – cutting out any fluff or redundant conversations that can end up wasting the team’s time.

Having received her certificate in January, Nikita reflects on the Masterclass, “At the start of the training, I had a lot of questions (and possible fears) about virtual aspects of the Design Sprint methodology and the application to non-IT related projects, but the guidance from experienced Sprint facilitators and interaction with Sprint facilitator global community built my confidence. I realised that the Design Sprint methodology presents an opportunity to involve stakeholders from different functions of the organisation to collectively diagnose their fleet problems and come up with realistic solutions … and through this process, get their buy-in for the required change”. Fleet Forum is currently engaged in fleet management analysis for MSF, and she is already putting these skills into good use.

2020 was also the year that Development Director Rose van Steijn decided to go back to (the virtual) school. Intrigued by new trends and having a passion for learning methodologies Rose saw that mobile learning (or microlearning as it is sometimes called) was increasingly mentioned as a way to train staff. That is why Rose decided to take on a Mobile Instructional Design Accreditation Course, which enables her to develop Fleet Forum training modules that can be given on mobile phones.

Rose: “The beauty of mobile instructional design is that it combines a lot of short bite-sized training pieces. You can have a module where you first watch a short YouTube clip around a subject, then you think about the YouTube clip, you are challenged to apply what you have seen and you can share your learnings with your peers. It is what is called the Know-Think-Apply-Share principle.”

In order to receive her Accreditation, Rose developed 4 microlearning modules which were well received by her instructors. These modules have now been embedded in Fleet Forum’s training curriculum and are available for Fleet Forum members to complete. In February 2021 Rose received her Accreditation and she is eager to continue creating short modules for fleet managers and drivers.


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