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Welcome to Kjaer & Kjaer, our newest Fleet Forum member

We are happy to announce a new member to the Fleet Forum team!

Stemming from over forty years of experience delivering vehicles to developing regions, KJAER & KJAER is committed to providing their clients with a positive and efficient experience in procuring reliable quality vehicles at competitive prices, as well as offering industry-leading aftersales support through our extensive worldwide network.

KJAER & KJAER is authorized by leading manufacturers and supplies Ford vehicles, Honda motorcycles and Continental tyres.

The purchase of a new Ford vehicle is cause for celebration! And instead of worrying about future repairs and maintenance, we have you covered by the industry-leading extended warranty. Topped with the optional Premium Maintenance Plan, you never have to worry about maintaining your Ford vehicle with the pre-paid plan.

No other vehicle manufacturer offers anything similar to the Aid & Development community on a global scale. We have you covered. Kilometer after kilometer after kilometer.

"Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to bring your projects to light. We understand the limited budgets of most aid and development organizations, and we have built our product portfolio to reflect that".

For more information, please visit:



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