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What to expect during Day 1 - The Annual Conference is almost here!

The Virtual Annual Conference is almost here. Our 2024 theme is: Accelerating the Change. This week, on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 of June, 1.200 fleet professionals will meet online to learn, to discuss and to network. We have a full calendar online (you can view it here) but if you would like to read the more detailed information about which sessions you would want to attend, this is the post for you.  

Day 1 - Tuesday June 25

Networking is open from 10AM to 12PM.  

Participants can join at this time, choose a table in the Airmeet platform to connect with peers or visit a booth.  

The official opening of the conference starts at 12PM (all times are CEST) 

Expect the following sessions: 

12.15 - 12.45 

Keynote: "Storytelling with Data" by Stuart Campo - Senior Data Impact Advisor, IOM Global Data Institute 

Data is becoming increasingly vital in the humanitarian sector, offering the potential for fleet managers to enhance decision-making both programmatically and operationally. Stuart Campo will discuss the evolving role of data, drawing on his experiences with UNOCHA and IOM. While vast amounts of data are collected, it's crucial to understand the purpose behind this collection and the intended outcomes. Biases in fleet data interaction, collection, analysis, and interpretation must be addressed to ensure accurate usage. Poor storytelling with data, and the misuse of data, pose significant risks, and strategies to avoid these pitfalls are necessary.

13.00 - 13.45 - Choose from any of these sessions: 

  1. Coventry University: Hossein Zarei - Lecturer in Business Strategy / Safaa Zindi - Assistant Professor of Operations and Supply Chain & Mahdi Bashiri - Associate Professor  Session: The business case for a Fleet Manager  Coventry University will present the research on the return on investment for fleet managers role. The research, commissioned by Fleet Forum, shows how different resourcing and people development approaches impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the fleet. 

  2. Microlise: Peter Scott - Business Development Director Defence, Security & NGO & Neil Selby - Customer Success Manager (Telematics & Journey Management)  Session: Combining operational cost savings and ESG reporting  Microlise will show, using a commercial logistics example, how environmental and sustainability reporting can be built in to Operational Tools. By doing so they will demonstrate how operational excellence is not exclusive to sustainable operations.  

  3. Bo Linnebjerg - Experienced within technical sales, service, support, training and customer concern handling at Kjaer & Kjaer & Jonas Otterheim - Head of Climate Action at Volvo  Session: Decarbonizing cars - opportunities and challenges towards net-zero  Kjaer & Kjaer will delve into the meticulous analysis conducted by Volvo Cars' Head of Climate Action, Jonas Otterheim, shedding light on the lifecycle carbon footprint of both vehicle types. Jonas will talk about the main challenges and opportunities of reducing emissions from car making, and advancing sustainability in the automotive industry. 

14:00 - 14:45 

Managing Change: the key enabler to accelerating fleet sustainability? 

Fleet Forum will host an interactive panel, create a dynamic and engaging environment in which participants will participate in polls and panelists will react to audience's statements.  

14.30 - 15.00  

Host presentation: Fred Burgod – Co-CEO at Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd.  

TGS, host of the Annual Conference, will present sustainability through the learning and development of fleet managers and their operations. Their aim is to encourage responsible driving that considers operating conditions and preventative maintenance of the fleet of vehicles throughout their lifecycle. This includes using official distributors for parts and ensuring the correct disposal of waste materials. TGS will also announce the arrival of a new Land Cruiser with reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency. 

15.00 - 15.45  

Presentations will be given by the 2024 finalists of the Best Transport Achievement Award 


15.45 - 16.30 - Choose from any of these sessions: 

  1. Pieter Jongen - pk trucks  Session: Reducing truck emissions in emergent nations: The role of new trucks, DPF filters, and CNG  Why Attend?  Pieter Jongen will dive into unique challenges of reducing truck emissions in developing countries, introducing new developments in cleaner trucks, DPF filters, and CNG technology and providing practical strategies for implementing these solutions in your region.   

  2. Jamie Meacham - Supply Chain | Humanitarian | Development at Save the Children International  Session: Making the case: using data and insights to change your fleet strategy  Jamie Meacham, who is leading Warehousing, Distribution and Fleet Management globally for Save the Children International, will dive into how SCI is using data to change their fleet management strategy.  

  3. Marco Hendriks - LT Arena  Session: Sustainability through partnership excellence in operations  Marco Hendriks from LT Arena will delve into the critical importance and value of partnership building and improvement towards future business models in operations. 

17.15 - 17.30

Closing of day 1

17.30 - 18.30

Networking open in Airmeet


These Sponsors help us to make the Annual Conference possible:




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