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What to expect during Day 2 - The Annual Conference is almost here!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Virtual Annual Conference is almost here... This years theme is: Sustainable Transport for a Better World. In just over a week, on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 of June, 1.100 fleet professionals will meet online to learn, to discuss and to network. We have a full calendar online (you can view it here) but if you would like to read the more detailed information about wich sessions you would want to attend, this is the post for you.

Day 2 - Wednesday June 28

We start at 12PM CEST with the official opening of the conference. You can expect the following sessions during the day:

12.15 - 12.45

Keynote speaker Niels van Quaquebeke - Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behavior at Kühne Logistics University

Change Management / Leadership: How to keep your goal insight, how to effectively manage change

To provide support to as many beneficiaries as possible, you need to use your resources efficiently. How do you do that while at the same you need to deploy innovative solutions to move towards sustainable transport support? In fact, how to create an environment that supports innovation while at the same time continue operations as you know it.

14.00 - 14.30 - Best Transport Achievement Award - The Presentations

UPS Representative: Cathy Nightingale - UPS Health & Safety ISMEA

The Best Transport Achievement Award 2023, sponsored by UPS, recognises the Fleet Manager and the organisation that are an inspiring example for others. The winning submission will demonstrate measurable impact on one or more of these fleet management areas: road safety, fleet safety, environmental impact and cost efficiency. The winning entry will be replicable for others, and demonstrate professionalism, innovation and strong, tangible result. 2 finalists will present their project.

14.30 - 15.15 - Choose from these sessions:

Nikita Udhwani - Delivery Director at Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum: Your 'go to' for sustainable transport for a better world

Do you know what Fleet Forum can offer you? If you are new to the Fleet Forum community, you might wonder. Webinars, fleet management tools, training and training material, joined development projects, on demand videos, and many more. All to support you in reducing costs, reducing emissions, reducing road crashes and improve effectiveness of your fleet.

Mark Leminh - Aldorane

Opportunities of expanding satellite broadband connections

Join us for an enlightening conference session that delves into the dynamic world of satellite broadband and its transformative effects. Explore the evolving landscape of this technology and its significant impact on vehicles, revolutionizing connectivity in unimaginable ways. We will present the GHOST project, an innovative endeavor that holds immense potential for vehicle connectivity and its implications on humanitarian operations.

Camiel van der Velden - Director Network Operations at DPDgroup and Julien le Signor - Head of Environment at Geopost

Geopost Network Strategy: Optimisation & Alternative transport solutions; two means to one end: decarbonisation

Getachuw Wondemhunegn - Regional Fleet Manager at ICRC

Reducing costs and emission by rightsizing and rightprofiling your fleet?

For many years ICRC has actively worked on the size of their fleet and the type of vehicles they use. What is the number of vehicles needed to meet the requirements of ICRC's programmes. Wshat vehicles are fit for purpose? By establishig the right size of the fleet and operating vehicles that are fit for purpose (and not oversized), ICRC managed to reduce their costs substatially while at the same time realise a reduction of emissions

15.30 - 16.15 - Choose from these sessions:

Nick Molden - Founder & CEO at Emissions Analytics

Impact of type of vehicles and type of fuels

In the recent years more and more different type of vehicles have come to the market. Next to the vehicles we see normal engines, we see hybrids, electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. Also different fuels enter the market. Like bio fuels, sythentic fuels and HVO. What is the environmental impact of the different type of vehicles and different types of fuel?

Ali Zayerzadeh - Director at Road Safety Pioneers and Carol Beauchemin - Motorcycle Instructor, safety rep and professional driver at Motorcycle Skills Asia

Vision Zero / Beyond Zero Vision in road safety. Systemically safe.

Visio Zero or Zero Vision? In the world of road safety, experts are having different views on approaches to reduce the road traffic casulaties and make road traffic safer for all. Should we stick to Vision Zero? Or should we think in a more systemic way at crashes and learn from the 99,9% of the times that things did not go wrong. In this session our two experts, Ali Zayerzadeh and Carol Beauchemin will share their views.

Andres Cabrera - Regional & Diplomatic Sales Executive at CAS Auto and Anthony Picknell - Director of Special Projects at CAS Auto

Adoption of sustainable power trains: Challenges and the importance of sustainable solutions

This session aims to provide the delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to sustainable mobility solutions and inspire them to explore innovative and sustainable approaches to meet their specific needs and contribute to a more sustainable future. Andres Cabrera from CAS Auto will share findings from a project CAS supported and will highlight the importance of collaboration and partnerships between different stakeholders, including OEMs, suppliers, and vehicle converters, to develop sustainable solutions for the mobility industry.

Julia Wünsche - Sustainability Expert at WeltHungerHilfe

Sustainability: What does it mean (for fleet managers)?

Many fleet managers in field offices are hearing more often about the need for organisations to become more sustainable and reduce emissions. In this session the main concepts around sustainability will be explained and how this relates to the work of a fleet manager.

16.15 - 16.30 - Best Transport Achievement Award - The Ceremony

UPS Representative: Cathy Nightingale - UPS Health & Safety ISMEA

16.30 - 17.15 - Choose from these sessions:

Hilda Casos - Head of Logístics and Supply Chain at Plan International Peru and

George Rugeyyi - Fleet manager at Médecins Sans Frontières Mission RDC

Waste management

How do you deal with waste of your vehicles? Tyres, oil, filters. How do you dispose it in a sustainable way? Hilda Casos from Plan International Peru and George Rugeyyi Igga will share the way they deal with their vehicle waste.

Tina Comes - Full Professor Decision-Making & Digitalisation at University of Maastricht and Pieter Bakker - Teamleader Global Logistics Advisors at Medair

How data bias can influence your decision making to improve sustainability - a follow up from 2022

This session endorses the continuous need for data collection and analysis from an organizational perspective. In last year’s session the focus was on the bias awareness that has to be identified in the data collection process with the overall objective to develop relevant vehicle performance Indicators.

Through these Indicators many organizations are able to set strategic directions and develop policies like greening the fleet.

This year we are looking into decision making mechanism or bias and how data can be used in challenging decision-making processes positively or negatively. This is relevant as many organisations have the aim to green their fleet or meet certain lower carbon emission targets.

Nikita Udhwani - Delivery Director at Fleet Forum

Estimating from well to wheels: Clean Fleet Toolkit 2.0

In 2006 TNT and UNEP created a simple excel tool, to support organisations in the baseline calculation of their fleet emissions. The Clean Fleet Toolkit was born. In 2016, Fleet Forum adapted this tool to reflect the latest emission research and created an online version of the tool. Over the years, more than 2000 fleet managers have used the tool to get insight in the environmental impact of their fleet and what actions they could take to reduce CO2 emissions. Now, in 2023 Fleet Forum is launching a fully revised version of the Clean Fleet Toolkit; taking into account the full lifecycle of the vehicle (from procurement to disposal) and fully aligned with the emissions factors of the Humanitarian Carbon Calculator. Join this session to learn more.

Guillaume Kastl - KAM- Section Manager Vehicles Sales Team at Nissan Trading How can we make EV battery life sustainable?


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