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Save the date! You are invited to our upcoming webinar, funded by USAID

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Save the date! You are invited to the next Fleet Forum webinar.

On March 4, Nikita Udhwani, Fleet Forum’s Delivery Director will talk about strategies to cope with report overload.

Picture this: Your office recently acquired vehicle tracking and fleet management system. You looked at the reporting capabilities and you set up all kinds of alerts and automated reports via email to help you manage your fleet.

Now you receive more than 50 notifications and emails per week. Is this really helping you? Probably not, rather it gives you the illusion you are controlling fleet performance.

How can a fleet manager use such systems in a way that truly helps him or her manage performance? In this webinar, Fleet Forum will show you how to:

  • Identify reports that support your management processes and objectives.

  • Adopt strategies to sift through your data and make it useful.

By joining this webinar, you can learn how to stay focused, cope with report overload and use your time to have a meaningful impact for your organisation.

Register here for the 10 am (CET) webinar:

Register here for the 2 pm (CET) webinar:

Burning questions for Nikita? Ask them here. This webinar will be recorded and placed on our Knowledge Platform.

Nikita Udhwani | Delivery Director

As Delivery Director, no week is alike; from rolling out fleet management solutions to travelling around the world to train fleet managers.

The most rewarding aspect of my role is getting to know people, understanding what drives them and cultivating relationships. I take pride in being part of a growing team that is not afraid to challenge the status quo.

In my spare time, I mostly volunteer for community building organisations, enjoy a good book and try out new restaurants.



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