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Sandra Goris | Board Member

Sandra Goris is a financial and HR consultant, with a special interest in global sustainable development. She began her career in corporate audit at ABN AMRO Bank, then spent almost 18 years inthe logistics and consumer markets cluster of KPMG, a worldwide audit firm, where she was active in financial audit, HR management and management development. More recently, she was a Board Member and Finance and HR Manager at North Star Alliance, a public-private partnership that provides quality healthcare services to mobile populations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sandra is Treasurer of the Board for Fleet Forum. She is a strong advocate of voluntary community work. Sandra holds a Master’s degree in finance and accounting and a Post Master’s degree as a certified public auditor.

Why is the membership structure important for Fleet Forum?

The membership structure of Fleet Forum brought the organization a very involved network of congenial participants that operate in all different corners of the humanitarian logistics sector.

Many of these members have already cooperated with Fleet Forum over several years, sometimes from the earliest days on. In numerous cases the members do regularly interact with each other, a role that Fleet Forum can further enhance by bringing the members together at the annual Fleet Forum conference.

Members are also a crucial component in Fleet Forum’s strategy: in turn, they contribute to the content and agenda of the , and take an active role sharing and contributing on stage. But their knowledge and input is also contributing to Research & Development, cooperation in various consultancies and for example in staff and project development via Fleet Forum’s training programs.

As it is Fleet Forum’s belief that humanitarian logistics will benefit from best practice sharing, roll out of specific tools development and the enhancement of local driver skills, the network function is crucial to reaching Fleet Forum’s long term goals.

Visiting the conference, you can see the vibrant atmosphere of people that are cooperating in the same field all with a big heart for the cause: making sure logistics are performing at their best when it really matters!

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