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Introducing the New and Improved Fleet Management Fundamentals training

Since the launch of our virtual training programme, Fleet Forum has trained 150 staff in disaster response and development. In April we transformed the training rapidly in response to Coronavirus.

Almost 6 months later, many of us are now accustomed to operating virtually and the development of virtual technologies has accelerated in a short period of time.

Over the summer, we have made several changes to the virtual training and are relaunching the training programme this month!

What changes can I expect?

1. The Fleet Management Fundamentals training has been certified by CILT

Staff who attend our trainings have the opportunity to secure two certificates:

  • Certificate of Participation, for participating in the virtual training and demonstrating understanding of fleet management concepts. This is valued at 25 hours

  • Certificate of Achievement, for applying fleet management concepts to the operating environment and demonstrating ability to make fleet improvements in a professional setting

These certificates will be jointly issued by CILT and Fleet Forum.

2. You can have fun while learning through interactive virtual games

With many of us spending more time online, the way we interact with each other becomes even more important. If you are sitting back-to-back in video calls, your mind easily switches after a period of time.

Even before Coronavirus, we were using board games in our trainings to simulate the realities of operating a humanitarian fleet and using these to reflect and adopt new behaviours. While board games might be difficult to play over Zoom … virtual games are certainly possible. We have transformed our games into virtual ones, so get ready to roll up your sleeves, get competitive and have fun while learning.

Would you like to experience the game? Sign up for our webinar:

3. Bite-size learning

Keeping our knowledge and skills up to date in today’s fast-changing world of work is vitally important, yet we often find it challenging to plan and systematically improve our own skills. 

It’s easy to participate in a (virtual) training and then get caught up in the day-to-day work and forget to improve. We already have a strong post-training trajectory, to help you transform your learning into action.

Now we are introducing bite-sized, or ‘microlearning’ which you can take right from your smartphone. After the virtual training, you will have an opportunity to keep learning and stay focused by taking short, 10-min trainings on your phone, while interacting with the participants you trained with previously.

Ready to become a professional fleet manager?

Check out our Fleet Management Fundamentals training, available in English and French every month.



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