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Save the Children is looking for a Supply Chain Consultant



SCI is welcoming proposals from qualified suppliers with a deadline of 21st April 2023.

Please submit your proposal including: 1. Your qualifications/experience/CV, 2. A daily rate and 3. Written explanation of why you are able to meet the brief captured below and the requirements below. Note that we can make no exception to the mandatory key skills/requirements and may not have time to respond to you if you don’t meet those requirements. 1) Fluent in Spanish and English 2) Have worked in UN or INGO Fleet Management capacity 3) Can work full-time on Latin America and Caribbean time zone starting in August/September for 8 months.

More information can be read here:

Fleet Transformation_Spanish Consultant
Download PDF • 411KB

Submit proposals / reference: RQQ-EXW-GLO-2023-02 to AND by 21stApril.

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